Hello, I am Simply Stella Payton, a Chayil Woman …


Stella New Headshot 8.23.13I am so glad you landed here. We all have that longing to find the inner courage and wisdom to pursue dreams and goals that mazimize us in ways that enable us to create wealth for our families. You can! How, by discovering the Chayil Woman inside you. We can help.

We empower everyday women (and men) to discover their inner warrior and coach them in finding strategies to create wealth in the marketplace while succeeding at home as they learn to walk in divine and earthly wisdom. That is what the woman of Proverbs 31 did.

Discover the woman warrior.

Chayil means valiant warrior. I am sure no one has to tell you that we live in a world where courage, bravery and determination are not optional. And yet, many people like you have silent hopes and dreams that are screaming for realization. We can show you how to tap into your inner strength and give you the action oriented resources to make them happen.

Create the wealth.

There is a path to wealth you were born to walk. Keep in mind that wealth is not just money. It is wealth of time, freedom and peace that allows us to create the lives and future we yearn for our families.

Work the wisdom.

Wisdom is the ability to understand the opportunities, challenges and situation we face,  anticipate the consequences of our choices and make sound decisions. We all have access to that wisdom. And we will show you how to tap in to create the life you want.


 While you are here, check out our book Accessing the Windows of Heaven. Make sure you read about the powerful anointing available to you in becoming A Chayil Woman.

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Want to know more about Stella, read on…

We have been in the consulting field business for more than 25 years.  We help people and organizations develop a strategy for doing the things they need to do to be successful. Success is all about strategy.


Family is the core reason for all the wealth in the world.

As a passionate lover of Jesus Christ, I like to think of myself not as a minister, or evangelist,  etc. I think of myself as an ETERNAL LIFE COACH.

I am a mother, sister, wife, best friend, business owner, real estate investor, writer, singer, speaker, motivator, encourager,  believing believer, lover of God and (most of the time) a lover of his people. As a read my own simplified bio, I see a remarkable (although significantly smaller version) of the woman of Proverbs 31. I call her Chayil.

The owner of our home and the family dog, Fancy.

In Proverbs 31:10, we read the question, ‘Who can find a virtuous woman?” Virtuous in Hebrew is CHAYIL. The word is only translated as virtuous 3 times in the KJV. Even though it is in the old Testament over 230 times. In all the other places we find this word, it has one of three general meanings. They are valor or valiant warrior, wealth, and enabling wisdom.

Chayil was not just a virtuous woman with high morals and good home making skills. She was a market place warrior! She fought and won the battle of acquiring wealth and abundance without loosing her family, her faith, her community or herself.

As CHAYIL WOMEN, we manifest the full measure of what the CHAYIL WOMAN was and represented. We have experienced success in all the same areas Chayil exhibited in Proverbs 31. We will show you how to do the same.

Here you will learn to manifest the WARRIOR, the WEALTH and the WISDOM of a CHAYIL woman.

I am simply Stella, I am a CHAYIL WOMAN.



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13 thoughts on “SIMPLY STELLA

  • Denyse

    Ms Stella, awesome testimony!! Do you believe in tithing off of gifts from others? For instance, if someone gives me $200 because of my own financial crises, should I tithe $20? This would be their offerings to those less fortunate.

    • Stella Payton Post author

      Good question Denyse. The question I ask to resolve any issues about tithing is “What portion do I want God to bless?” Do I want him to bless the $200? Then I will tithe off of it.

      Whatever I want God to bless and prosper, I make him a part of it by tithing.

  • Marsha Jo Croy

    I say II Corinthians 2:14 in the Amplified version is present in you and this website. It is an absolute encouragement to be here today. How thankful I am! You keep going!
    Proud to be affiliated with you, Friend!

    • Stella Payton Post author

      Dearest Marsha,
      Blessed be the day God connected us at XPI! The experience of our internship was incredible. But I am now learning that the real treasure is the relationships we get to build and we go in to tomorrow. Thank you for your support and encouragement. I look forward to seeing what God does with all of us!

  • Connie Parkovich

    I had the devine pleasure to be washed in the beauty of Stella’s voice on 4/18/15 at the Women on the Front Lines Chicago Conference. The frequency/sound that came from Stella’s voice and resonated through my body to the core of my being was so healing. My whole body responded to the frequency. I could feel it inside of me. It was amazingly beautiful. I heard sounds from Stella I had never heard before. It was truly a devine encounter. Stella you have found your voice in the church. The body of believers will be blessed, strengthened and healed by your gift. To God be the glory.

    • Stella Payton Post author

      Connie, Thank you! How I needed to hear that word of encouragement first thing this morning. As I launch out in to this new season, it is with full awareness of a prophetic word God spoke to me a number of years ago. I am only beginning to comprehend the gravity of that word. He said, “You are an amplifier in the Kingdom of God.” I have always heard the sound. It is an ever present stream of music, melody, lyrics, rhythm and more. It is ALWAYS playing in the background of my spirit. I only turn my attention to HIM and the volume increases.

      I know that there is more to come. I treasure your words. I will copy them and use them as reminders of my WHY. I am here to amplify the sound of who HE is. I am here to make it louder for those whose hearing is being cultivated. I am here to serve the body as an amplifier of the sound. Lord, I thank you for grace to hear all with accuracy, honor and to the GLORY of God. Blessings upon you and yours dear Connie!


      • Maye Jones

        Hi Stella,
        I accidentally came across Patricia King’s Ministries WIMN and WOFL. It so resonated with my spirit. I want to come to the conference in
        May in AZ to spy out the land. I have been waiting so long for a company of women that I can develop some spiritual roots and do ministry, grow, and have fun with long term. Will you be there?

        • Stella Payton Post author


          Yes I will be there. In fact I will have a vendor table there. And it is an excellent company of women to be a part of. Very strong network of great people. I like to think of it as my tribe.

          • Maye Jones

            Hi Stella,
            The conference hotel is full. Can you recommend another quality hotel nearby or refer me to someone who can? I trust that I will be able to attend.

            Thank your reply.


          • Stella Payton Post author

            this is the only one that is not sold out Marriott TownePlace Suites
            (Located 13 miles from WeKoPa )
            10740 N. 90th Street
            Scottsdale, AZ 85260
            No shuttle service provided
            $80.00 per night
            1 800 257-3000
            Mention Reservation Booking Code: XP Ministries for the group discount