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Recently, I was selected as one of 12 Global Interns by XP Ministries with Patricia King!

This opportunity was a door that God just opened! And I am raising the funds needed to take advantage of this incredible mission and ministry internship. Will you help me?

The XP Ministry Internship Program is a ten-week international training designed for people who love to make a difference in the world. One part of the tour will be a trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where we will learn about social and economic solutions to child sex trafficking. This horrible injustice has to be stopped! XP Ministries has developed a model of ministry that incorporates legislative, social and economic actions. I want to learn about this model and see how it can be applied in other places and ways. {MORE click below}

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It is an honor that you chose to browse my website. Thank you for stopping by. I am confident that you will find much here to motivate, encourage, challenge and inspire you.


As founder and CEO of Making People Priority Consulting Group (MPP), I have been fortunate to live out our mission statement for more that two decades.


Clarity about your mission, vision and values is a powerful tool for moving through life. They are like fuel for the journey. So on these pages you will find many resources to empower you to tap into that fuel supply!

You will find links to my personal story which still sparks enthusiasm and excitement in my own heart every time I hear it. You will also find a variety of workshops, videos and numerous articles–all designed to help you change your life for the better.

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More about Stella Payton…

As a corporate training strategist, Stella Payton has extensive experience in the field of training and development. She regularly facilitates classes in strategic planning, business excellence, customer service and performance planning.

In addition to providing training resources for corporations, she has expanded the services of Making People Priority to include developing Educational resources for schools, faith based organizations and non-profit agencies in areas like employment development,  and k-12 education motivational resources.

A prolific writer, Stella has authored 9 books. More information about those titles is available on this site.

 Stella is a frequent speaker at professional and church conferences around the world.

She is Host of Better Life Radio Show that airs on…

As a former professional background singer, Stella worked with artists such as Andre Crouch and Stevie Wonder and as a songwriter, many other artists have recorded a number of her worship songs.

Recently, she released her first single release entitled Somebody Needs Hope. The song was produced by Derrick Lee of BET and long time music director for Bobby Jones Gospel. The song is available for download from iTunes.




“I have been greatly blessed,
but my greatest desire is still “to be filled with a passion
to know God more and more
as he freely expresses himself through everything I touch.”