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Stella Payton is principal of Making People Priority Consulting Group. Over the past (25) years, she has worked with Apple Computer, Nordstrom, FedEx / Kinko's, VISTA, National Corporation for Service, P-B Health Home Care Agency Inc., The City of Los Angeles, Head Start, KCET Los Angeles Public Television, TurboTax, Child Fund, Memphis Public Schools and many others. For more about Stella Payton contact us at

Overcoming a Poverty Spirit 2

In my meditation this morning, I was praying along the lines of understanding what constitutes poverty. One of the best definitions I have ever heard comes from Graham Cooke. He says that poverty is living with meager possibilities. I expanded on the definition a bit however, because when we think about […]

Overcoming a poverty spirit

Test Spirits Part 3 of 3

Test Spirits a 3 Part Series These three post encourage us to Test Spirits. We have to see of they are of God, and Jesus the son of God who came in the flesh. The previous two posts were 1st my own story about testing the spirits, 2nd testing the spirits […]

Test Spirits Part 2 of 3

Photo from Home Grown Fun  This study focuses on obeying the instruction to test spirits from a more scriptural perspective. It directs us to the Word of God as the ultimate authority in evaluating any teaching. Everything and everyone has a spiritual source and influence. Believers must master the discipline […]