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Strike the Ground!

Strike the Ground is a powerful prophetic word by Graham Cooke spoken at Bethel Church.  Every now and again, I receive a prophetic word that rocks and shifts everything. This is one of those messages. It is so crucial to my life until I transcribed it. The recording is not the best so if […]



Act Now!!!!! When you encounter the opportunity of a lifetime, make sure you ACT within the LIFETIME of the opportunity (Graham Cooke). Act now! An OPPORTUNITY has a lifespan. It does not LIVE forever. If you have been waiting for God to move for you, stop waiting. You must ACT NOW! […]

What do you want

What do You Want?

What do you want? If God had wanted robots, he would’ve invented artificial intelligence himself instead of allowing us to do it. Far too many people toss the responsibility of being creatively accountable for their own lives. They expect God to tell them what to do and how to do it. […]