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Contact Us because life is better with friends.

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36 thoughts on “CONTACT US

    • Stella Payton Post author

      The fastest way to connect with me is in facebook messenger on my public figure page. Email takes too long. If you dont do social media honestly, it will be hard to stay in touch. You are welcome to connect here as well. It is just not as fast. Blessings Stella

  • corey thomas

    good morning mis payton my name is corey thomas ivebeen following your videos on youtube for about a week now its been a blessing the wisdom and understanding the lord has given you threw the holy spirit im a man however the explaination of the tithe and chayil woman representing the church or bride of christ has open my mind to different avenues of thinking truly the lord is with the your teachings have reignited a spark in the area of starting a small business however i need to sow into someone thats anointed to push me in that area im interested in being mentored in that area and whatever other area the lord my lead you to help me in im in an awesome church that teaches and believes in prosperity as a whole however i lack the clarity in how to break free of financial bondage and to excellerate beyond the land of not enough and just enough im sure your overwhelmed with people that desires your mentorship but if theres anyway i can become one of those people im willing to do whatever it takes to get to the next level in my life thanks so much for your teachings may the lord bless the and keep the and let his continance shine upon the and jesus name amen

    • Stella Payton Post author

      corey, blessings and thank you. YOur story is so touching. Please message me on Facebook on my public figure page. Tell me a bot about your story, goals and what holy spirit has shown you about your own path. That is stella Payton Public figure and we will go from there. Thanks Again Stella

  • Chevorneise McLeod

    Hello . I just listen to your testimony on utube and it blessed my heart. I am living my pay check to pay check. Just graduated with my bachelors this year and I apply for jobs and nothing. I am open to whatever gid has for me and I was hoping if you have any book that would help me fulfilled my destiny.

  • LaDonna

    Hi sister Stella. I was introduced to you by YouTube as a recommended channel and I must say it is the best suggested channel from them. I’m currently watching “She lives by the river”, And I must say it’s right on time. I know I’m late but I was wonder if the workbook for this series is still available? I recently started a small customization business but I’m believing GOD to do something much greater. Please let me know if I can get the workbook and I would like to receive information on any up and coming series.

    Thank you

  • LaSeanda

    Oh my God your testimony video popped up on my YouTube list and I listen to that and started the bible study videos Thank God for you I am in the mist of finding myself at 41 years old, I am also looking into home equity loans to fix my house to be comfortable for me and my family for the years to come this is just great and God has sent you my way Thank you

  • Ywvomming Humphrey

    Hello Ms Stellar, my name is Ywvomming Humphrey. I am a seeking how to get our small congregation to begin to tithe and began to live a prosperous life. My mother is the pastor. Her name is Pastor Gloria Wright. Our church is located in South Memphis in Memphis,TN. I would like to see if you can come and speak to our small children’s ministry. Do you have an available Sunday in the month of October of 2017. Will you give me a call at 901-674-7603 when you are available?

  • Michelle

    I stumbled across your YouTube video at Macedonia Baptist Church. I’m not sure what date it was recorded however it spoke directly to me.

    You inspired me at my lowest ever but this to shall pass. I thank you!

    • Stella Payton Post author

      Hello Michelle!

      God is always listening and ready with a word to encourage you… Isa 65:24

      24 “It shall come to pass
      That before they call, I will answer;
      And while they are still speaking, I will hear.

  • Leti

    Wow is all that I can say. Read your bio, can relate to what you went through. Saw your testimony on
    YouTube. Some many things you said were so on point that I found myself wondering how sis Stella know that about me since
    I have never met her? There are no coincidences in God’s kingdom. Remember you are a Champion for Divine Deployment.
    You will appreciate this teaching from last Sunday


    Thank you so much, I took the time to listen to one of your teachings, “how God broke the curse”, thank you, this truly bless me on so many levels
    I pray that more will hear what God has place in your spirit so that this will reach the masses
    God Bless you

  • Liz

    Hello Stella, I pray all is well. I am interested to know if the workbook for Chayil Woman is download or mail order only. I have a couple of friends that I have shared the study with and we are interested in doing the study.

  • Terri Travis

    Hi I bought 3 books and bracelets at women on the frontlines and never got an email. Can I get the videos of what I missed?
    I checked on June 1 like you said but you weren’t ready yet then I forgot.

  • Kristina Berry

    I’m so sad that I missed the Bible study that was just offered, I was sitting quietly today in my room talking to God about my situation, and I was led to search stories about People coming out of poverty on youtube and your testimony popped up…. I began to cry but with that a stirring began to brew in my belly, so I looked you up google and it landed me here… I look forward to studying and acting on the Wisdom you have obtained from God and willingly share… What states do you offer Mentorship?

  • Fran

    Stella, I love your teaching. It hits the nail right on the head. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your message is from God! I just saw your video this past weekend and I was touched by your message. Will you be coming to Washington State in the near future?

    • Stella Payton Post author

      Thank you Fran for those encouraging words. I dont have plans to come to Washington State at this time but I am asking Holy Spirit about his agenda for this year as we speak. So please pray for me. I have several launches starting this year. Working to get things in order as we speak! Thank you again for viewing. And God Bless you! Stella

      PS Make sure you connect with me on FACEBOOK and my other social media. That is how I keep in touch with everyone! Blessings!