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2018 is Here!

This month we are focusing on asking effective questions. “Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.”
― Voltaire

The life you manifest this year will begin with the questions you ask today. Here is an exercise designed to get you thinking. It is filled with a list of great questions. The first three are foundation questions. They strike at the core of your what and why. As to the remain questions, select 7 questions from the list that address where you are. Let them be questions that are consequential to your life.



-Review your year. How have you grown? What things have you gotten rid of in your life that has made room for you to expand in this new season?

– And those things in your heart that you put down; they are still in your heart. Go back and pick them up to bring them to full manifestation. 

-What are your deficits? Where do you need to grow and develope? Identify and write them down. What do you need to master? The kingdom is like school. Each grade has competencies we must master in order to be prepared for the next level. If you are stuck as a certain level, check and see what competencies are weak or lacking. Make the needed adjustments so you can move on. Otherwise, you will continue to repeat the same grade Over and over. 

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