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Is He Your God or Your Husband?

Weapons of the Heart – The Pitfalls of Subtle Idolatry “He is either your God or your husband. But he cannot be both.” Her Story A little while back, I was talking with a friend about one of her first encounters hearing the voice of God. She told me the story of […]

A Decree of Favor and Blessing

A Decree of Favor and Blessing

A Decree of Favor and Blessing Here is two great resources about decrees. Here is an example of a Decree of Favor and Blessing, I took a word about FAVOR and transcribed it into a declaration from Graham Cook’s Sermon, Its time for your Breakthrough. Below is a great article By Todd […]

A Consuming Fire Called God…

A Consuming Fire Called God…  Most of the time when we think of fire, we visualize flames. But when I hear the word consume, I think of swallow. I see images of something being engulfed on all sides. The object has no way of escaping in any direction. There is nowhere […]