2020 is The Year of Yes! The Decade of Do!

Prophetic Word for 2020.

2020 is the year of yes! And the decade of Do!

2020 is the year of yes! And the decade of Do! When the clock turned into this new decade, the times changed and the climate shifted. The prevailing conditions for kingdom activities changed. Yes, we entered a new year, a new decade, but also a new climate. We are being elevated to yes. For 2020 is the year of the yes. It is the year where God is confirming direction and is fulfilling what he has promised to establish through the works of your hands. This yes is not what you have asked of God. This Yes is a response to what God is asking of you. For yes activates expansion and enlargement of soul. It raises us as we say yes to God’s request to COME UP HERE. Yes, grants permission to transform the inner you so you can occupy bigger territory from a higher place.

Much of the opposition of the past decade was resistance training. Resistance increased our strength, stretched endurance, and heightened stamina. It was preparation for us to walk in yes. It drew us closer to God as we went higher. It took us into a higher spiritual altitude.  This is the climate to walk in your yes to God. Now it is time to occupy the place of your “yes.” Exercise the dominion of your yes. Manifest the delivery of what yes gives you. For the yes gives us the grace to do what God has placed in your heart. Yes gives the green light to GO! 2020 IS THE YEAR OF YES. Yes, grants the permission to open the door and advance into new realms, new rooms, new spheres, and new mountains with new insight, authority, and expanded ability.

Yes, grants permission to DO!

2020 opened the door to the decade of DO.  In the last decade, many people received dreams, saw visions and set goals; but could not act. They lacked the yes. They lacked permission. They lacked access. They could not advance and could not move. Many could not see what they did not know.  But no more says the Lord. For in the year of yes and the decade of the do; I am bringing you into alignment with Me. 2020 is the year of yes.
So decree your yes to the Lord!
Say Yes to his purposes.
Say Yes to his plans.
Say Yes to his pursuit.
Say Yes to come up higher.
Say Yes to what seems impossible.
Say Yes to unlimited potential.
Say Yes to enlarged capacity.
Say yes to spiritual expansion.
Say yes to my divine anointing operating through your humanity.

As you say yes, You will understand the times.
You will obtain a broader view of long-ranged objectives
even as you occupy expansive new territory. You will recognize what to do.
The revelation of how to implement divine instructions
within human timelines will come.
Efforts will become easier as critical relationships are created.
Alliances will form naturally. Strategy and resources will appear and
synchronize with the climate in this decade of DO.”

And you will know what to do. Who to connect with and what assignments to undertake, what preparations to make. As you come into alignment with my will and your dream/desires. With the resistance training of the past and the expanded capacity of my higher altitude, we will co-labor together. For this is the era of co-laboring with Me says the Lord. It’s not just my instructions, but your desires, your vision and it is your planning that we will partner and agree over until it manifests into the end result of my established kingdom in the earth.
For many of you, it will be as if you are David preparing the resources for the ones who will come behind you. YOu will prepare, and they will build. YOu will gather the resources and they will have my wisdom to bring it together. In the decade of DO, many of you will establish the foundation for your children to carry my word, anointing, and power. They will establish my covenant into this new millennium upon the foundation you lay — during the decade of DO.
For other of you, it will be as if you are Solomon hearing the voice of God, yielding to my spirit; obeying my instructions and building. “
As it was in the heart of David to build me a temple, says the Lord; so have I planted desires in you.  I built David and David planned the temple. Solomon built the temple. David and Solomon said yes. 2020 IS THE YEAR OF YES.
I built you, so what will you build for me in the decade of do?
I did not ask David for a temple, it was David’s desire to build a temple for me. In this decade of DO, partner with me and I will show you the full measure of your capacity and the contents of your heart’s desire. I will reveal to you your own capacity and what you can accomplish for my kingdom in partnership with Me.  As I was with David and Solomon, so I am with you.  I have put dreams and visions in your heart. The seasons to DO is here. The climate is right.
What you are preparing to build I will confirm. I will establish the works of your hands. And your efforts will carry us through the remainder of this millennium until the appearing of the Son. 2020 is the year of the Yes.
Stella Payton

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