4 Keys to Tomorrow

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Join us on December 3rd and 4th for our

Annual Fall year-end review and 2021 Planning session.

Regardless of the climate, God has a plan and a strategy to advance the kingdom and prosper your life!

As we press our way into this new decade, God has released 4 key strategies to help us occupy territory and enlarge the kingdom of God.

These are exciting times! This year, 2020, is unlike any year in our lifetime. We not only had a change in year, a change in decade, but also a change in era. This is the year that everything changed.

This year, the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness clashed and everyone felt it. What does that mean for you? What do you need to do about it? These are just 2 of the strategic questions we will review and help participants craft a plan of action moving into 2021 in spite of the shaking and shifts in culture.

We will explore prayer strategies for discovering what God wants to do in you, for you, and through you. There is a roadmap to victorious living regardless of the circumstances. God has a plan to prosper you. In the kingdom, your future is always bright.

2021 requires a higher level of maturity for believers. What does that look like for you? How do you get there?

We have to go higher and access the new wineskin in preparation to hold the new wine God is releasing in this new ERA. What is the new wineskin? That means new authority, new mandates, new anointing for new assignments, and new kingdom responsibilities.

How will you do that? What is the process? There are 4 steps…


               * Rebound

                       * Refocus


Join us as we walk through these steps. We will help you ask the right questions so you will have answers relevant to your life.

At the end of this 2-day training, you will know what the
1) changes in culture,
2) the challenges in the election,
3) the realities of the pandemic, and
4) the power of God all means for you.

You will also know what you need to do about it.

Do not miss, 4 Keys to Tomorrow!

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