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2. Own your power.

There is nothing more pitiful that a powerless Christian. We are more powerful that we realize and that is apart from the power of God. When we own the power we have been given as creative forces in the earth, we become candidates to manifest the power of God.

God has no use for a powerless pitiful me. I am made in HIS image complete with the same capacity that he has. That is a lot of power.

OWN my power

Post Author: Stella Payton

Stella Payton is principal of Making People Priority Consulting Group. Over the past (25) years, she has worked with Apple Computer, Nordstrom, FedEx / Kinko's, VISTA, National Corporation for Service, P-B Health Home Care Agency Inc., The City of Los Angeles, Head Start, KCET Los Angeles Public Television, TurboTax, Child Fund, Memphis Public Schools and many others. For more about Stella Payton contact us at

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