churchill-quoteIt is such an honor to support others in the process of becoming everything we were created to be. Whether you received one on one assistance with a coaching issue, attended one of our events or downloaded resources materials, it is our honor to share what we learn with you. WE INVITE YOU to come back often and utilize the resources offered here. Please enjoy the videos, blogtalkradio shows, webinars, white pages, e-books and other resources we offer on this site as our gift to you. Thank you for your support and encouragement as we continue to launch out.

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  1. Precious Moore says:

    Thank you Stella for praying with me and my husband for our bad tenant situation. We were awarded a judgement against the tenant and she paid almost all of it. Now we are about to take her to court again for the remainder of the money that she owes us for damages exceeding the amount of the security deposit. Also, our rental property is still vacant and we are praying about whether to sell it or use it as a ministry house (like a transitional home but with Bible study, discipleship and life skills training). Thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement during a very stressful time in our lives.

  2. Andrea Pitre says:

    Hello Sister Stella! I pray your day is awesom and blessed. You have been such a blessing to me. I know the Lord sent you to me ( by way or your testiomony youtube video) and I thank God for you and your ability to share and teach to give knowledge and understanding. Thank you for letting God use you!! Been listening to your videos on youtube and have made the lessons “classes”. What Im learning puts alot of things God has shown me in to perspective and understanding. Its like abunch of connections being fused together as I walk and trust in Him
    I just made a donation but forgot to put in the description box that it was seed to the Accessing the windows of heaven workbook. Thank you for letting God use you and being a blessing!!

  3. Tosin Opara says:

    Hello Ms Stella Payton,
    Thank you so much for your enthusiasm for sharing your wisdom. I have been blessed and I just made a donation towards accessing the windows of heaven workbook but I forgot to put in my mailing address in the PayPal note.
    I stay in Lagos, Nigeria though I sincerely hope that wouldn’t be a problem.
    My address is 29bashiru Adeniran street.
    Adeoni estate. Ojodu Berger Lagos, Nigeria.

  4. Jo Thomas says:

    Hi Stella my name is Jo. I would like to thank you for sharing your testimony on how the Lord delivered you from the spirit of poverty. It was so informative as well as the portion on the first fruits. That is the reason for my donation. I sold something for the first time on Ebay and said that I would sow my first “check” to your ministry. And by the way, your explanation on being cursed with a curse hit home!!! God Bless You, your family and your ministry. Thank you once again,

    Jo Thomas

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