Don’t be Distracted

Don’t be distracted!

Don’t be discouraged!

Don’t get it twisted! God’s power is active. God’s power is working! God is moving across this nation. He is reaching into the heart of people who really want to step into their kingdom authority and begin to manifest spiritual power. This is the season to access a higher level of the anointing that has been marked for your life.

Don’t Be Distracted

The problem for many believers, is they are distracted by earthbound agendas. God wants to shift your focus, he wants to take your eyes off of people. And right now, in this moment, God is inviting you to step into a new level of spiritual power that will be necessary for the next decade! What you have to do is pray then ask the Lord to show what is he going to be doing. He wants so desperately to show you his plans! It’s exciting! It is empowering! And it will destroy the works of the devil! But God also wants to show you your role in this.

You must know what this means for you, and what action you need to take?

With this newfound awareness, You will have to do something that God cares about.

Forget Trump! forget Biden. Ask the Holy Spirit what matters to HIM — TO GOD! Make that YOUR agenda! And you will become an eternal force in the earth for the kingdom. Once you step into that level of anointing, you will know what you need to do about this election! You will know who to vote for! You will know how your vote will have an impact on the eternal things that matter to God.

And I decree in the name of Jesus, this message will go far and wide to people who are in a state of isolation, indecision, and confusion. They will gain clarity. You will know what you are supposed to do! You will know by the spirit of God! You will be filled with his power to act, to move, to shape what happens on this earth! And many people will come into the kingdom simply because you got in your place!

It’s just a distraction! God has a plan and you are a part of it!

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