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Wednesday and Thursday, January 8 & 9, 2020

8:00 PM – 9:00 PM CDT



The 10% Factor

Activating the Power of Income Streams

What difference would a 10% increase in your income make to your household budget
and your ability to meet your financial obligations?

What trips could you take?

What furniture could you buy?

What retirement account could you fund?

What College education could you save for?


Most people spend their lives waiting for an employer to give them a raise. They sit by the clock hoping for that 2%, 3% and if they are extremely lucky, 4% raise. Any amount over that, these days, is almost unheard of. What they don’t realize is that you can give yourself a raise anytime you want; as long as you are willing to work harder for yourself than you do for anyone else.


In 2019, we did just that. Under the weight of an oppressive divorce, I prayed for a strategy to keep my financial boat afloat while waiting for months for final court decisions. God came through with ideas and a plan that increased my base income starting at 10%. I plan on doing it again in the first quarter of 2020. And you can too.


But you have to have three things, a plan, a vision of possibility, and you have to surround yourself with people who are moving in the direction of financial independence. Financial freedom doesn’t happen by accident. It happens with strategic action done on a consistent basis.


What could you do in 2020 to focus on giving yourself a 10% raise in income?


There are three things we must implement to activate an increase at this level. Without these, you can’t tap into the law of income streams. This law enables you to enlarge your borders, expand your options, and break the poverty mindset. Poverty is not about a lack of money. A poverty mindset is living with the lie of limited possibilities.


So join us in 2020 in a City Near you for Activating the 10% Factor. In over 20 Cities around the country, we will show you how to implement the three-step system for creating income streams in your life. You can also catch our Online Training Version of this life-changing Program.


You have to start somewhere on the path to becoming that millionaire. You dream about it. You talk about it. You pray about it! But where do you start? We will show you how!


  • The Service Minded Entrepreneur
  • 7 Clues to Discovering Your Own Income Streams
  • 7 Avenues for Creating Money
  • Understanding Active / Passive Income Streams
  • How to Make Money Online from Anywhere in the Country
  • Life-Style Income Strategies



Want to find a seminar near you or want to bring this program to your community? Go to our website, the 10% Factor

About the Chayil Circle...

Welcome to The Chayil Circle! One of our goals in starting this mentoring community is to encourage participants to set goals that they truly want to achieve. I hope to challenge you to do more than you would do on your own. And I want to help you focus on the important things in order to produce results more quickly.
And finally, I want to offer you tools, support resources and structure to help you accomplish more. Who are we?
The Circle is a Networking Community of individuals who are activating a model for becoming a Center of Influence. We are focused on manifesting results as we take action on the insight we gain. We are pursuing spiritual, relational, and business excellence. We are dedicated to cultivating ourselves for peak performance in order to lead our families, solve problems, build businesses, and create wealth all around us. And as we do, we will enlarge our own circle of influence and impact the world for the better. We follow the RARE MODEL.




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