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Welcome to the Chayil Circle



Welcome to The Chayil Circle! To connect in this group…

YOU must GROW.

YOu must SERVE.

YOU must GIVE.

To help you GROW we will support you. Our goal is to help you get RESULTS. Whether you are unemployed and looking for a job, working to push past $100K or trying to scale your business past the MiLLION dollar mark. We are result-orient marketplace warriors. Our responsibility is to help you GROW.
To help you SERVE, we teach you how and challenge everyone to pray with and for each other, for our nation, and for our mountain. We coach and support each other. For every ASK there is a GIVE. Feel free to ask for help but be willing to GIVE what you have to offer.
To help you GIVE, we will help you expand your finances, build your business, find a job, etc. We will teach you the laws of SOWING and REAPING. We will coach you until you get results. We combine prayer with action and strategy to generate positive outcomes. We help you succeed. That creates influence for the Kingdom of God. It makes you a center of influence. The Circle is a network of believers who are becoming Centers of Influence for the Kingdom of God. 



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