Kingdom PRE-IPO

“PRE-IPO’S give you big results for small investments. BIG RETURNS with small SEED!!! BIG OUTCOMES with small changes! BIG shift with mustardseed FAITH! BIG impact with small effort! BIG answers with small prayers!”
I keep hearing the phrase “PRE-IPO or PRE-initial public offering. God is releasing the opportunity to make permanent lifelong impact within a kingdom investment window. For some that may be financial, for others that may be time, for others that may be an opportunity you have been hesitating on. For others, it is instruction concerning taking action on your HEALTH. For others, that may be an acceleration of breakthrough with increased focused intercession. Whatever that translates to you…
It is time to move! It is time to act! When a company releases its PRE-IPO, you have a short window to invest before the size and price of the stock shares GO UP and get beyond your budget. If you maximize the window, that investment will change the landscape of your financial future for generations. PRE-IPO’s makes poor men rich in a day. In other instances, it is the shift that changes how you look at or respond to something. Like taking on a healthy eating mindset to change your life vs 3 years from now developing chronic health challenges. Or acquiring the small faith needed to exercise and lose weight rather than taking surgery. PRE-IPO’S give you big results for small investments. BIG RETURNS with small SEED!!! BIG OUTCOMES with a small change!
For those who OBEY God, the blessings will be swift and full to overflowing.
Don’t miss your window! Graham Cooke put it this way…
“A Window is an opportunity. It signifies an opportunity to come to a place of renewal and transformation. The renewal is permanent the opportunity is seasonal, therefore, we have a short season to become permanently changed. The principle is this, when the opportunity of a lifetime comes, make sure you act within the lifetime of that opportunity.” ~Graham Cooke
It is akin to a door that moves you from poverty thinking to an abundance mindset. It moves you from renter to homeowner. It moves you from a medicated mindset to holistic healing. It moves you from JOB-paycheck to paycheck thinking to entrepreneur. It moves you from college to career. That move occurs in the instant we decide. We make a decision to act on what God has told us to do! Sow the SEED! Get the 2nd medical opinion! Join the GYM! Take the CLASS! Just act! This window will not be open forever! This opportunity will pass!
There is a window OPEN NOW! This may be the last great window for many before things in shift! Get in position! Time is short. It is time to make a short term investment for a long term impact! Make a short term sacrifice for long term benefit. Sow a short term seed for a long term harvest! Whatever you do…
Don’t miss the window!

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