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The Becoming Chayil Bundle will show you how to do business by the Spirit rather than doing business by the book. The kingdom of God suffers violence, but the violent take it by force. To master the principles of business and walk in the spirit of God as you do business requires an understanding of what it means to BE CHAYIL. These three books in the  Becoming Chayil series includes three bible studies that have extensive teaching on the spirit of entrepreneurship outlined in the book of Proverbs! Proverbs 31 is a model for launching out into the deep of financial freedom through the power of income streams. This Chapter is about more than being a virtuous woman. It is a model for what the wife of Christ should look like. And it is an example of what it means to step int the anointing of WARRIOR / WEALTH / AND WISDOM OF THE CHAYIL ANOINTING.

Learn the elements of The Chayil Anointing and discover strategies for implementing these concepts into your life.

This 3 book bundle includes,

The Chayil Woman – The Virtuous Woman Revealed

She Lives by the River – Living in the Realm of Gods Abundance

Becoming Chayil – Using Ancient Wisdom for Modern Day Success

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