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The fact of being who or what a person or thing is;
Your name – a word or set of words by which a person, animal, place, or thing is known, addressed, or referred to;

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Scriptures says, The scriptures say, “if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things are passed away and behold all things have become new.” When we accepted Christ and became born again, WHO and WHAT we were changed. That transformation gave us the right to then identify with Christ. We now have permission to “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free Galatians” 5:1 Accepting Christ as Lord puts you in that place of identity, It is WHO and WHAT you are.

To get you to realign your identity and remove you from your place in Christ, we must think and speak in agreement with another identity. The enemy must get you to identify with something and someone other than Christ. Most Christians will not consciously align with the demonic. So the devil knows that he has to get us to agree in subtle and self righteous ways.

The most effective way to get people to leave the place of identifying with Christ and to begin to identify with the demonic is to get them to agree with an alternate identity. Whatever you decree out of your mouth with emotion and feeling you come into agreement with. We speak agreement by talking about what matters to us. That is true even when we condemn, criticize and decree our anger and displeasure. The very act of talking about it invites the permission of agreement–EVEN IF IT IS SOMETHING YOU HATE. 

Character describes identity. If you want to know about a person’s identity, look at the character values they manifest. A mother for example will manifest character related to protecting and nurturing a child. A business owner will manifest character values that relate to running a business. These characters and characteristics allow us to identify with people.

They also allow us to label others. When we criticize, condemn, and talk about other people, we are aligning ourselves with the negative side of their identity. In doing so, we invite the permission that comes with those labels to manifest in our own lives. Consider last election. If we describe president elect Donald Trump as a bigot, we are identifying with the spirit of bigotry. That actions aligns the spirit of bigotry with our lives and invites the spirit world to grant permission for things related to bigotry to manifest in our own lives. Mr. Trump, like all of us, has many identities attached to his life. We all get to chose what identity we will focus on until that identity aligns with our own.

Whatever we identify with we enlarge and then draw to ourselves. If you identify with the negative characteristics in a person, you draw those very characteristics to yourself.

Christians must intentionally identify with all the NEW THINGS Jesus introduced. The enemy does not want us to identify with the persona, rights, privileges and permissions that come through Christ. For example FAVOR is a permission. It is something you step into and identify with because you are in CHRIST. You don’t have to think about it or ask for it. It is yours.

You already have FAVOR. You are IN CHRIST. To get you to step out of your identity with CHRIST and the FAVOR he brings, the enemy must get you to identify with something else.

So he strategically creates opportunities for us to identify with poor character and behaviors. It does not matter if we are emphasizing, discussing, condemning or just talking about those negatives. When we DECREE them, we align with the powers that create them.

The enemy knows that If he can get us to focus on the low life elements of another person’s nature, Then he can continually bring permission to the kingdom of darkness and that permission will allow the enemy to introduce those low character element to our life. They will rob us of our favor they will steal the goodness of God, and they will deter the blessing that comes through Christ.

So protect your IDENTITY! Control your focus. Chose to identify with those qualities in EVERY person that agree with what Christ has purchased for you. Focus your thoughts and words on those qualities that agree with what God has said about that person. Do not give the enemy PERMISSION or access to your life by focusing on and highlighting the base and negative elements of anyone’s life.

If you do, you invite those NEGATIVES into your life and make them your own.


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