Christmas Holiday Special


Christmas Holiday Special!


Christmas Holiday Special

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Our Winter 2019

Bible Study


January  10, 17, 24, 31 &

February 7, 13

8:00 PM CST

$35 Registration


    1. HARD COPY WORKBOOK (1ST 25            Students ONLY) / or PDF Version

    2. (2) Chayil Bracelets

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For online orders, the book and bracelets will ship together by 12/18 Just in time for Christmas!


Understanding the Curse of Malachi

Workbook Edition!

Understanding the curse of Malachi

This is a revision and expansion of the first section of 

 Accessing the Windows of Heaven
it is a Workbook Edition

Stay posted for more revisions to be
released in 2019!

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Understanding the Curse of Malachi

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She Lives by the


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This is the season for the WARRIOR CHAYIL,












 The Chayil Woman


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Other Books by Stella…

2014 Edition Available on Kindle!

ACC Cover 2014 Edition REVFor instant download

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Stella Has authored 5

books including…




Accessing the Windows

of Heaven




 A Word in Season






Read more about Some of Stella’s Past Books below…

A Word in Season


Her most passionate writing effort to date is a perpetual devotional called A Word in Season. This book took ten years to complete. “It captures the essence of my life and inscribes it on these pages.”

Accessing the Windows of Heaven Cover 001Accessing the windows of Heaven—How to reap the benefits of tithing which was published in September of the same year.

If you are one of the well over 80% of Christians in the Body of Christ who do not tithe, this book is for you! It speaks a powerful revelation. It explains how tithing is a response. The heavenly father is extending an invitation to enter a deeper relationship with Him. That relationship is the key to experiencing the power of God in your life. It opens the door for you to participate in the great transfer of wealth.

Building Relationships for Lifelifestyle CVR67.5KB Style Evangelism, which outlines a biblical model for winning souls through the ministry of relationships.  Life Style Evangelism, changing lives in your community through the ministry of relationships. A professional background singer as well as songwriter, Stella has worked with artist such as Andre Crouch and Michael Jackson. Several artists have also recorded her worship songs. “I have been greatly blessed, but my greatest desire is still “to be filled with a passion to know God more and more as he freely expresses himself in everything he allows me to she touches.” Her other books include:
FVLBookCVRFinding Vision for Life 
details a strategy for finding meaning, mission and money linked to walking in the exercise of your natural inclinations, gifts and abilities.   Customers Are People Too! is a service training manual for the Customer Service Academy youth training workshop. It captures the core principle that “Service is not something you do, it is something you are.” Students between the ages 16 and 24 receive 20 hours of service training and then participate in an interview day where they interview with up to 5 employers in one day. The CSA Customer Service Academy Training Manualwas launched in 1997 in Los Angeles, CA with the most recent class being held in June 2011 in Hattiesburg, MS. For information on books, seminars, speaking engagements, or other details about Stella Payton and Making People Priority contact us at the following:

 Stella Payton


  1. Sharon Wherry says:

    Praise the Lord ! Thank you for The Word ! As I was listening to Pastor Bridget Hilliard on YouTube on Generational Curses. When I finished I watched another sermon and I saw yours, I decided to listen to it before I go to sleep. I thank God for that Word, it really blessed me. It is in my spirit, it was a right now Word for me . Thank You Jesus ! I will be getting your books soon. I just want to thank you woman of God. You really blessed me this morning. Thank you Mrs. Stella Payton !

    1. Dearest Sharon!

      PrAISE God for revealing a truth to you in the message he gave to me. It is my honor to release truth into the earth. It truly transformed my life ans finances and is still doing so. Please make sure you connect on facebook with my page (the public figure one) there is where I post everything. And go to my website for the latest posts. Thank you again! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

  2. C. Smith says:

    Thank you! I saw your YouTube video,”the curse of poverty and lack”. It’s wonderful to hear what God can do, because faith come by hearing.

    1. thank you so much for viewing. Faith is important but having a strategy, plan of attack for debt, and strategic alliances to help you navagate your way are also important too. They are what gives faith life by the work you accomplish.

  3. TPope says:

    Just wanted to Thank you personally..i have been struggling with tithing for years but after running across your video on YouTube about the curse of poverty and lack, I have a great understanding now. A burden was lifted. Thanks again and God bless.

    1. You are so welcome! It is my honor to share what God gives me! Lets connect on facebook or make sure you get notifications from my website here. God is giving me so much more. I want to keeep pouring out into others as he freely gives to me.

      1. carol muhs says:

        If you send out notifications to e mail , I am filling in my email below.

        1. I am still learning how th do my own website so eventually I will get that going. Please pray for my learning curve! Thank you Carol!

        2. carol muhs says:

          Thank you so much for your teaching about the sowing and reaping (but mostly about the reaping) since it seems like the sowing is taught the most – which is fine but I believe your teaching about the reaping is very much needed and has FINALLY been taught somewhere !

  4. Diane Aikens says:

    Hi Mrs. Stella I prayed for u last night u are a strong woman of God and in the mist of it all God not only sees u and hear u He got u been encourage your breakthrough is now here speak God’s word and it will on your behalf. Be Blessed love u much Diane :-)!

    1. Thank you so much! It is one thing to pray for others all the time but when there are people praying for you and holding you up in intercession, that strengthens my heart. And thank you again for all your help this week. I pray that God multiply and increase you a 1000 times more!

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