Revelation. Action. Results. Encounter.


What results do you need to see in your life? What results do you need to manifest to know that you are fulfilling your assignment, living out your purpose, and bringing glory to the king of kings and the Lord of lords?

Those can be hard questions. It’s not easy to face yourself in the mirror and wonder if in fact you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. Years ago, I heard a sermon by my former pastor. He told a story of an exam he had taken in college.

He started the story by sharing the fact that this was a hard test and he studied for hours and hours and he prepared himself and went to class. He sat down to answer the essay questions and did his best and turned in his paper. He felt like he had done so well on the test. The next day, he got his grade and discovered that the teacher gave him an F. Baffled as to the grade on his great essay, he ask the instructor why he got the grade. And the teacher responded, your answers were great but you studied the wrong chapter.

What a travesty to life to get to the end of it and realize that you had been doing all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons. How awful would it be to discover that we had studied the wrong chapter.

We all will have to account for how we live this life and what we did. We will answer for what we accomplished whether you’re born again or not. Much of our eternal success depends on answering the question did we do the right things? Did we do what we were supposed to be doing. There is a scripture in the book of second Corinthians that talks about how works can be burned. Works consist of gold, silver, wood, hay, and stubble.

Everything we do will be tried by fire. If the work we accomplish produced any real results for the kingdom of God they’ll fall in the category of gold and will receive a reward. But if the things that we did didn’t produce any results for the kingdom of God they’ll go up in smoke, like so much hay, in flames.

So those questions I asked at the beginning of this post really matter what results do you need to see in your life? What revelation has God given you? Have you taken action? What do you need to do with that revelation?

When was your last real encounter with the presence of God? What did he say to you? How did you respond? Have you forgotten? What encounter have you put by the wayside or discard it is just another moment with God instead of recognizing it as a life transforming opportunity to become more of who he saw when he thought of you.

What results do you need to see?

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