As we wind down this year, many people are considering what the ideal next year should look like. For those individuals still working, having a better job position is a big deal when it comes to their work life. Scripture is great to quote when job junting.

Yesterday, I had a friend say they were looking for a better job opportunity for 2016. If you fall in that same category, here is something to help you in your CREATION not search process. Here is a quick list of Scripture quotes for Job-Hunting!

God allows us to be creative forces in the earth. We get to decree into existence what we desire. We become partners with God in the process. Bringing heaven to earth is a team effort. Jesus is at the right hand of the father praying for us. Holy Spirit is in the earth guiding, teaching and helping us. The Father is rooting for us. We are all a team.

And as the eternal visionary, Jesus has an image of what was written about our lives in the books before we were ever born. I am learning more and more to seek information about what he is praying over me. Then we bring our prayers into agreement with what he is praying.

Quite often, Jesus is praying that we discover who we are in him. He is asking the father to help us maximize our potential and manifest our inner most dreams. But what are your dreams? What do you want? What do you see for your future? How would you describe the next 3 years in a single sentence?


Here is a lesson I have learned…

“The greatest thing you can visualize for your life is usually the starting place of your destiny in God.”


What do you see?

Scripture quotes for job hunting
Scripture quotes for job hunting

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