Service is Something You Are

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Service is something you are

In advance of the 2019 Launch of the Customer Service Academy™ pilot Program in Pittsburgh PA,

1st Prestige Home Care Agency, and State Representative Ed Gainey of the 24th District

are excited to bring you this

Customer Service Presentation and Networking Mixer…

Service is something you are!

Join Stella Payton of Making People Priority Consulting Group,

Rainell Adams of Hire Heights Employment & Consulting Services

Service experts like Shep Hyken are noting the value of cultivating a lifestyle of service; not only in the jobs we do, but in the way we are as people. The service mind requires us to “Show up, Being prepared to Amaze. Do it Every Day! Be on Time, Ready to Do and be Our Best!” At this event, you will also enjoy Shep Hyken’s brief video expanding on the value of cultivating the service mindset.

You and your team will leave this event loaded with tools, tips, and techniques you can use right away. Topics for the evening include:

  • Connecting Performance Goals to Customer Service and Social Relationships.
  • Merging the way millennials use Technology with the way you Deliver Service.
  • Learning the 7 Instant Service Builders and How to Implement them.
  • Turning Amazing Customer Service into Great Social Experiences.
  • How to Hire for the Service Mindset / The Customer Service Academy™.

Presenter for the evening is Author, speaker, and facilitator Stella Payton, CEO of Making People Priority Consulting Group. Over the past (25) years, she has worked with Apple Computer, Nordstrom, VISTA, P-B Health Home Care Agency Inc., The City of Los Angeles, Head Start, KCET Los Angeles Public Television, TurboTax, Child Fund, KIPP Collegiate Charter Schools-Memphis TN and many others.

Her experience in training and development is extensive. She regularly facilitates classes in strategic planning and customer service. She is the founder of the national customer service training program The Customer Service Academy ™ Currently the Academy is being updated and piloted in Pittsburgh, PA in preparation for launch in March 2019. In 2013 she launched THINK TANK™ Jr. Entrepreneurs Academy in Memphis TN in partnership with KIPP Collegiate Charter Schools. This educational program teaches business skills to middle school students with a focus on creative innovation, entrepreneurship, and business ownership.

Rainell Adams is the founder of Hire Heights Employment & Consulting Services. She works with organizations like Familylinks, Rodman Street MBC and others. She provides training, counseling and consulting to help prepare students for independent living.

Rainell also has more than 27 years of management experience, including serving as Vice President at Bank of New York Mellon in several departments, specializing in process engineering and employee development. During her tenure at both BNYM and Familylinks, Rainell has received several awards and recognition for developing practical solutions to simplify complex issues and outstanding leadership. Hire Heights is her newest platform to fulfill her dream to coach and develop young people for viable employment that primes them for successful careers and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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