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Home Depot Lead Employer for

 April 6th (New date) Interview Day in Pittsburgh, PA

(Please note the date change)


I’m really excited that Home Depot is one of our lead employers at the Customer Service Academy in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Many young people don’t understand that life and finances are built on income streams. The job we will help the students acquire on April 6th is their first income stream.

Home Depot is one of those companies that gets it! I love to find organizations for our students who are making a concerted effort to prepare students for career options that impact their entire life.

Why we love Home Depot in the Customer Service Academy

That means to have any degree of financial security, you must have money coming in your house through from multiple directions. Your job is the first stream of income. But as soon as you get that stream flowing, you will need to generate more money to help take care of other things such as Eliminating student loan debt.

A powerful strategy to help eliminate student loan debt is to spend one-year learning construction and trades. That means plumbing electrical, sheetrock, etc. Am I suggesting that everyone should go into construction? Absolutely not. If you remember from my video about the five-year window, there are things that need to happen about every five years in your life. And the first five years out of school for most college-age young people is a debt elimination window.

If you focus a year of knowledge on learning the skills necessary to build and maintain real estate, then you can use that as a strategy to eliminate debt. For example, if you flip one house in most markets, you could earn enough money to eliminate the average student loan debt of around $37-$40,000. No, that strategy may not work for everyone, but it is a strategy that will work. Aside from the fact, you will learn skills that you will have to have for the rest of your life. If you have a roof over your head as in your own home, you will need construction skills. Or you will have to have the money to pay someone else for the construction skills they have.

In addition, Home Depot is committed to expanding opportunities for you through their internship program. Our students in the Academy will learn about these and other opportunities.

Home Depot summer student internships

The Home Depot Foundation Commits $50 Million to Skilled Trades Training

Registration is open for the Customer Service Academy in Pittsburgh! There are only 100 slots. Many of those slots are already filled with students from Westinghouse and Obama high school. So make sure that you sign up early!


Thanks, Home Depot!

To enroll in the Pittsburgh, PA Academy and For a full list of our employers click here

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