A Chayil Woman Bracelets

Have you ever done something just for the pure enjoyment of it, and then it mushroomed and grew up in an amazing but delightful way? Well that is what these bracelets have done. This was something I did for myself initially to create a conversation piece around the word CHAYIL. And it turns out that people love them as much as I do.

For Christmas 2015, I gave away this beautiful CHAYIL Bracelet and earring set.

blue give away 2

Remember what CHAYIL means! It comes from Proverbs 31:10, the passage that reads who can find a VIRTUOUS woman. CHAYIL means VIRTUOUS in Hebrew. The translation has three core meanings.
Woman of Courage, Warfare and VALOR! (WARRIOR)
Woman of Wealth and Resource (WEALTH)
Woman of Wisdom, capacity and ability (WISDOM)
THESE BRACELETS AE A REMINDER THAT CHAYIL is much more that a virtuous wife. She was a wise marketplace warrior who had enormous ability across a broad scope of life.

This wearable “art” is unique. Each bracelet is 100% original in design and no two are identical. Most of the ones I create outside of conference events are custom pieces. If you would like your own design. Email me. Using the contact form below. Bracelet prices start at 2 for $20.00 plus $5 shipping. Eventually I will get a store going but for now, this will work! Thanks for stopping by our page!