The Attack is an Arrow

The attack is an Arrow.

The attack is an Arrow.

If you look throughout Scripture, you will find that God rarely uses a bully, but he always uses the underdog. And the enemy knows that. Most every instance when you see a person with destiny stamped on their life, there will always be an effort to destroy them early before they have an opportunity to step into the assignment for which they were created.

For example, in the book of Exodus chapter 1 somewhere around the 16th verse, you hear that the king of Egypt was worried that the Hebrews were multiplying too fast. And so they told the midwives that if they were a woman who is about to have a son kill it. But if it’s a daughter let it live.

And so when Moses’s mother found out that she was pregnant and the child was born, she hid him for about 90 days. Moses was the seed of greatness that God was going to use to set the Israelites free of their bondage.

You see it again in the book of Matthew. When Jesus was born King Herod heard of a Savior being born and his goal was to destroy the Savior before he could step into his destiny. And so all the babies under the age of two were ordered to be murdered. Every time God has a plan for someone there will always be an effort to kill it. It comes in advance of their stepping into destiny. The enemy tries to steal, kill or destroy them.

Knowing this truth, I have learned to ask God why is the enemy so angry at a person under massive attack? Why is the enemy so bent on destroying African-Americans? Why is there such massive attack against Donald Trump from the media, from the democratics, from BLM, from every direction? Why?

Why is there an attack against the voice of humanity from the coronavirus? Why has the enemy unleashed an assault against the people who God will use in this last sliver of time? Why?

You can always tell who God is going to use tomorrow by what the enemy attacks today. If he attacks the breath of a person it is because God wants to use that voice to create deliverance and to destroy the works of the devil. The enemy, Satan, always attacks what God is going to use in the future.

So the next time you see a bunch of people focusing their attack energy on one person, rest assured the hand of God is on that individual. And God will do whatever is necessary to save them so that they can step into their destiny.

He saved Joseph from his brothers. He saved Moses from Pharaoh. He saved Jesus from King Herod. And he will say this president from the attacks that have come against him. And he will save African-Americans that are marked for greatness in this hour. There is a purpose in the attack. We will soon see why and we will also see God’s plan overcome that attack.

If the enemy is focused on destroying them or it, rest Assured that God is equally determined to use it or them for his purposes. And nothing the enemy can do will stop The plan of God from coming to pass. Nothing!

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