The Dwelling Place…

Every now and then I encounter a place that is a well. It is a place where there is a portal from heaven. In those places, this gift of song in my life is activated in powerful ways and becomes like a feather on the wind of a heavenly anointing. It just flows and flows and flows! Last Sunday I encountered such a place. The Dwelling Place Church in Phoenix Arizona.

As Papa Anthony Turner played the piano, a stream of prophetic anointing gushed up out of my soul as if we had hit an oil well. And that perpetual stream of music from heaven began to flow in ways that it had not done for months. That is at least not in a church setting. It is always playing in the back of my head. The music never stops. The sounds from heaven never stop. Not even when I sleep.

But it is a rare moment that I have opportunity to let it flow so freely. So to pastor Donnie, and Papa Turner and Heather, Ted, Rebecca, my friend Shannon Fleming and all the other wonderful people at the Dwelling Place, thank you for your warm loving reception of the gift and the anointing upon my life.

In some ways, it feels as the “Jeanie” is out of the bottle. The well has been tapped. It is flowing even now as I write. It flowed all the way home from Arizona. And it is getting stronger, more forceful, more eloquent and yes more filled with power. I don’t know how I will be able to cap this thing again! But for that moment it was absolutely glorious to let it flow freely as the spirit willed.

So I decree that the portal of heaven that is the Dwelling Place Church shall never cease to open wide for the flow of heavenly sounds. It shall be as an endless stream, a gushing river and a mighty well.

Let the river flow…

For next time it will be a river of FIRE.

the dwelling place...

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