The Great Awakening is Here!

The great awakening has trump the great reset! Praise the Lord! God is moving in this nation! The tide has turned! The Great Awakening is here! The great awakening is happening! The great awakening is happening! The great awakening has trumped the great reset!!!

The outpouring of his spirit is happening right now! Souls are coming in the kingdom right now! Salvation and glory are manifesting right now!

The enemy has failed for the kingdom of God has triumphed! The enemies efforts have not succeeded and the kingdom of God has displaced the wicked! They have been routed out and removed! The Chayil armies of God are driving them from their thrones! their altars are being brought down and destroyed! The works of the devil are being destroyed!

In Their place, God is rebuilding the ancient covenantal foundation established by those who loved him at the inception of this country! We praise your father that our errors and failures as a nation are under the blood of Jesus. And we bring a fresh anointing to America! We bring righteousness, peace, and joy, as the Holy Ghost moves across these United States of America!

To the extent that the enemy tried to take this nation prematurely; Is the extent that the power of God is is overwhelming fresh territory with the GLORY OF GOD across America! We press on to unexplored territory in uncharted waters! Believers are marching onto new ground! We occupy new territory! We occupy media territory! We occupy network Television territory! We occupy new political territory! We occupy the governmental mountain! We occupy the media mountain! We occupy the family mountain!
We occupy the business mountain! We occupy Every mountain of culture! And we set the captives free who have been bound on those mountains! We occupy the new territory and we take the souls that live there for the kingdom of God!

According to your word Proverbs 1322, We recover the wealth the prosperity and the resources that have been held by the wicked and we draw them into the kingdom of God to establish your kingdom on this earth! In this time! At this moment! In Jesus name!

We set the captives free! Those who have been bound on those mountains are set free by the power of the blood of Jesus! Men women boys and girls Are delivered! They are encountering the power of the Holy Ghost! They are encountering the presence of God in their dreams! They are encountering Jesus in the awaken hours!

The great awakening is here! The great awakening is here! The great awakening is here! And it has trump the great reset! The great reset has been delayed! It is postponed! It has been set aside for a later date! It’s shall not appear in this time window in Jesus name!

Great boulders of wickedness have been displaced! And in Their place, God has planted pillars of righteousness from the ancient foundations Of America!

The great awakening is here!

The great awakening is here!

The great awakening is here!

So we rejoice! We shout for joy! We are exceedingly glad! We that favour your righteous cause! We say continually, Let the LORD be magnified, which hath pleasure in our prosperity for we are your servants. Psalms 35:27

[Bridge 1]
My God is able to save
And deliver and heal
And restore anything that He wants to
Just ask the man
Who was thrown
On the bones of Elisha
If there’s anything that He can’t do
Just ask the stone
That was rolled
At the tomb in the garden
What happens when God says to move
I feel Him moving it now
I feel Him doing it now
I feel Him doing it now
Do it now, do it now

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