The Seed, The Soil, The Harvest

Today I was just thinking about sowing. I love giving. I love seeing lives changed because of well used resources. It starts with a seed, the soil, the Harvest.

I have learned to identify different places to sow my seed over the years. Different types of sowing provide different types of harvest over the course of your life. Sowing is a form of investing, quite honestly. We have long and short term investments and in the same way you can have long and short term sowing.

Long term sowing, is like long-term investing. You find good ground and you consistently sow into it.

Then there short term seed. this is seed you sow for a quick burst in harvest. It’s money that can support your step into a new financial bracket. Like going from renting to owning a home or moving from a job to a business.

Next there is cyclical harvest, this is seed you sow once a year, twice a year, or quarterly.

Then there is maintenance seed. This is Seed you sow every month, it’s the money you sow often from your paycheck because you want money coming in on a continual basis.

I don’t want just tomatoes. I want to sow trees. Like a fig tree for example. It takes about seven years for a fig tree to grow from seeds into a tree that bears fruit. But once the tree matures, it will produce figs for the rest of my life and if nurtured properly, for generations after me.

I love partnering with Ministries long-term. When I say long-term I’m thinking 10 years or longer. Why so long, because that’s the length of time it takes to grow a tree in the natural. I f you find good soil, freshly cleared, with good fertilizer, you can grow a fruit tree farm.

So if you want to increase in an area, identify soil that has the potential to nurture your seed. What does that look like in the natural? It means to connect with a ministry, organization, or individual that you can support for an extended period of time. That could be years. As you do, the seed of your relationship will help you cultivate a foundation for life; it will produce results that impact generations to come.

That’s where you really make a difference. Most people give from week to week month-to-month and maybe year to year. That’s like sewing tomato seeds. You got to plant them every year. And yes that’s good but it’s not going to make for a long time harvest.

I am still learning, growing, and changing the way I think about my seed. I don’t want just an apple tree, I want an apple orchard. I want to create financial systems that feed the generations that come behind me. I guess that’s one of the reasons I like real estate and land. If you use it properly, it can create perpetual streams of income and then you can impact a generation you will never live to see.

Just my thoughts on the matter…

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