This is How We Roll!

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This is How We Roll

“A prophetic decree over transportation and vehicles. I release God’s grace and favor as He moves me around the earth.”

Heavenly Father, Thank you that this is how we roll! I thank you for the vehicle that you have assigned and appointed to my life. I decree in Jesus’ name that this vehicle is dedicated to the kingdom of God. It will be used to serve God, meet my needs and helps others. I praise you, father, that your presence shall abide in and rest upon this vehicle everywhere I go.

That includes planes, trains, and automobiles.

Heavenly Father, I thank you that the Holy Spirit dwells in my vehicle at all times. And the evil one cannot touch it in Jesus’ name.

This is how I roll!

Your presence, God, emanates and radiates from around it. I thank you that the angels of God are around this vehicle at all times. Other people encounter your presence when their vehicles are parked near my car.

This is how I roll!

Lord, thank you for supernatural wisdom in making good decisions about my financial purchases associated with this vehicle. I thank you that this vehicle meets my needs and it accommodates my financial maturity level at this time. Thank you for increasing my wisdom to expand as my needs expand and as my financial capacity expense.

This is how I roll!

In Jesus’ name, I take authority over incidents, accidents, equipment malfunctions, breakdowns, break-ins, and any adverse attempt by the enemy to bring destruction to this vehicle. We bind you in Jesus’ name. We release supernatural protection, provision, angelic accompaniment and supernatural pay off acceleration in Jesus’ name. I have an abundance of provision to finance all of my transportation needs in all forms. I decree that I own my vehicle debt-free!

This is how I roll!

I decree that my vehicle is a tool assigned by God to move me through the earth. I praise you, Father for the perfect vehicle for me. It brings you pleasure because others see me prosper because of you. It surpasses my expectations in every area. It meets my needs. It gives me joy. I thank you for it.

I dedicate my life and this vehicle to the King of kings and Lord of lords. His name is Jesus Christ. I belong to him and my car does too! In Jesus’ name, I decree it so. Amen and so be it!

This is how I roll!

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