What Do You See?

what do you see


What Do You See?

Recently, I saw a video about the growing population of homeless senior citizens across this country. Most people who end up homeless, had beautiful lives like we are enjoying today. Just 5 to 10 years ago, they were enjoying Christmas just like us. They were shopping, putting up the Christmas tree and all the other things we did this week. And yet, today they are homeless. How did they get there? What were they looking at back then? What did they see?

Somewhere, there was a disconnect between where they are today and what they were planning 5 to 10 years ago. The truth is, if you don’t move toward a predetermined vision with intentionality, and put things into place right now that will help structure and solidify your life 10 years from now, anyone could end up like the people I saw in that video. Which makes one ask, what do you see?

Case in point, three days ago my own divorce proceedings ended in the Mississippi State Supreme Court. I would’ve never thought that a divorce that has taken nearly 4 years would have landed there. But God was gracious to me. He protected and preserved my future and released a ruling that showed me the favor of God.

As I was gratefully meditating on these events, the Holy Spirit reminded me of several specific actions I took 15 years ago. I went through a season when I was driven to buy several properties. I recall the focus I had and how God gave me the persistence to press through the process and buy those properties. Over the past 15 to 20 years there have been many times that I struggled to maintain them and stay ahead. But God helped me. What kept me going was what I saw.

And now looking at the situation I just came through; were it not for those rental properties, I would likely have lost everything and could have easily have faced a future like many of the homeless people in that video. Were it not for the ability to look ahead and see how I wanted to live, things could be totally different for me today. So I ask you again, What Do You See?

I am blessed and grateful.

God gives us windows of opportunity to set up things so that our future will be protected. He sent Joseph ahead of the children of Israel to preserve life. He prepared Moses to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt into the promised land.

“2020 is a cross road for many people.

We must choose a life of intentional faith

or fall victim to an uncharted future.”

God is saying that we are in a distinct season. What we do over the next 12 to 36 months will have a substantial impact on the shape of our own lives. It will show us pathways to becoming financially free.  It will show us how to impact nations financially for the next 10 to 20 years.

This is a powerful Karios moment that we must maximize. It is not enough to think about 2020! You and I must have a vision of how our lives will contribute to God’s divine order 10 to 20 years from now.

So I ask you, what do you see 10 years from now? How will your life look 10 years from now? How many families will have a stable income because you started that business? How many lives will be changed because you wrote that book? What children will grow up in a beautiful neighborhood because you develop that subdivision? How many girls will never know the ravages of sexual trafficking because you funded that orphanage? What do you see?

Folks, what we do and who we become in the process of doing it — matters to God. Our development empowers God to accomplish more in the earth through us. As we grow and accept the challenge to become more so that we can do more, our vision expands and our capacity enlarges. This makes us more valuable to God and places us at the epicenter of His plan in the earth.

Vision is like driving. If you look at the road immediately in front of you, it’s too easy to run off the side. But if you focus your eyes on the distant horizon, without fail, you will arrive at the destination you see.

What do you see?


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