Who do you Choose?

Something I’ve learned over the years…

I have stopped wasting time trying to recruit people who don’t want to be on my team. The word of God says, if God be for me who can be against me. God is on your side! He is the number one member of your team! He will never leave you. And he won’t turn his back on you. He chooses you. But we also have to pick the people we want to play through life with. So who do you choose? Who are you trying to recruit? Who is on your team?

It’s important that you understand who’s on your team. If you don’t, You may find yourself chasing after people who aren’t interested in you. You might think, “but I’m a great person I’m wonderful! I’m fun to be with! Why don’t they want to be with me?”
Who do you choose?And you keep looking for ways to recruit people to your team who are not looking for you.  Here is a reality check. It’s not going to happen! They don’t want you. And that is OK. So shift your focus and let them go. Direct your attention to the people who are on your side.

Who do you choose?

Who has been standing on the sidelines of your life trying to get your attention? When you want to do something, Who says, “show me how I can help you.” These are the people who are on your team. Work with them. Coach them. Teach them what you know. Get their feedback on matters that are important to you. Give them your attention rather than giving attention to people who won’t give you the time of day.

People who celebrate you, show up for you. They participate in your life happily and are thankful to have you in theirs. These people most often won’t look like the people you’ve been trying to recruit. But they have been sent by God to help you.

David made an army out of a band of vagabonds. He took the people who had been rejected, in debt and abandoned by society. He turned those men into warriors. And those warriors brought great victory to Israel. They were loyal. They were brave. They were fighters. They were on David’s side. They chose David. And David accepted them and worked with them to bring out the best inside them. So stop recruiting people who don’t want to be on your team. Shift your focus.

Turn your attention to the ones who are already believing in you. They are your army waiting for your leadership.

Action Item: Make a list of your inner circle of 3 people. Let them all know how much you appreciate their being in your life within the next 24 hours.

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