You are Loved!

You are Loved!You are Loved!

Did you hear that? You are LOVED! You must recognize that voice and tune into it. It is the Fathers voice speaking his love to you.

There are so many voices in the world. Some of those voices can be very damaging and hurtful. Some voices can demeaning and tear us down. Some voices are destructive and discouraging. Some voices don’t acknowledge who we are. They don’t recognize how valuable we are. So today I remind you that, you are loved.

To the child who knows they are loved by a father, those voices are powerless. When you know who you are, when you know how much the heavenly father loves you, those voices and the words they speak fall to the ground. Those words can’t touch you when you are covered in the father’s love. Those words cannot hurt you when you are covered with the father’s love. Those words cannot penetrate your heart and Damage you when you are covered in the father’s love.
So settled this. You are loved by people who get you! There are people who will never acknowledge how wonderful you are. These people will not see all the goodness that God put inside of you to bless their lives. That is a sad reality. It is their loss. But for the ones who get you, you can rest in know that they see the best in you.
But do you do you wan are God’s beloved. You are his very own chosen vessel. You are special! You are beautiful! You are unique! And God takes enormous pride in having you as his child!
So ignore those voices! Ignore the voices that lie. Don’t let them get inside your head. Listen for the father’s voice! Listen to his tender words. Listen for the smile in his voice as he adores you. Listen to the laughter in his voice as he talks about his wonderful child.
You are loved.

You are valued.

You are appreciated.

You are God’s beloved!

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