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Hello There!

Welcome to my site, I am Stella Payton. I am Chayil.

My Testimony
How God broke the Curse of Poverty off My Life

Most people know me from My Testimony on YouTube. If you have not seen that, you might want to start there. It is my story of Becoming Chayil. It is a story of breaking free from a poverty mindset, coming off welfare, and learning to believe that God really does want us to prosper.

We all need courage and wisdom to pursue our dreams. Personal growth enables us to enlarge our lives and create wealth for our families. But how do you do it? By discovering the Chayil spirit inside you. We can help you unlock the Warrior / Wealth / Wisdom inside of you. That is my passion.

We empower everyday people to discover their inner warrior and coach them in finding strategies to create wealth in the marketplace while succeeding at home. That is what the woman of Proverbs 31 did. But remember, CHAYIL is not a WOMAN!  It is a way of thinking that transforms our identity into the image God sees when he looks at us. It is discovering the wisdom that lets us know how all our experiences serve to create and cultivate our God-given Identity. God has plans to prosper us all. Discovering that plan requires courage and perseverance. There is a marketplace warrior inside of you. We can help you Discover the Chayil warrior, Create wealth, and access the Wisdom God has for you.


 While you are here, check out our book
Becoming Chayil – Using Ancient Wisdom for Modern-Day Success

Using Ancient Wisdom for Modern-Day Success

In Proverbs 31, the word VIRTUOUS in Hebrew is CHAYIL. It means WARRIOR / WEALTH / WISDOM.  Chayil is the personification of an anointing that enables us to access courage (warrior); utilize (wisdom); as we create (wealth) to establish the kingdom of God on earth. CHAYIL represents the Body of Christ. She is a symbol of what the wife of Christ looks like.

In Proverbs 31:10, the word VIRTUOUS in the Hebrew language is CHAYIL. It means WARRIOR / WEALTH / WISDOM.  The woman described in this chapter, I call her Chayil, is the personification of being set aside by God 1) to set apart for divine use; 2) to activate a shield of protection over the one who is set apart; 3) to instill power to perform and 4) to convey or assign a degree of responsibility for the one consecrated.

This was a metaphor embodied in a woman. She was marked by God and given divine wisdom. This wisdom was focused on the marketplace. Through her connection with His mind, she exploded with creative ideas that impacted everything. We can also access this divine ability to solve the problems of our day. We can maximize the creative aspects of wisdom to innovate and create wealth for the benefit of all of society.

Who am I…Stella Payton

I am a teacher, mother, sister, best friend, business owner, real estate investor, writer, singer, speaker, motivator, encourager,  believing believer, and most of a lover of his people. As I read my own simplified bio, I see a remarkable (although significantly smaller version) of the woman of Proverbs 31. I call her Chayil. But sometimes, life causes us to forget that we are indeed royalty. That’s when I look down at the CHAYIL BRACELET™ on my wrist and I am reminded that I am God’s beloved and my persona is rooted in him. You can see some of our many CHAYIL BRACELET DESIGNS HERE.

We help you go from

“Who can find a virtuous woman?” to …

Who can find a person of courage, warfare, and valor who has the
capacity to access wealth and resources using wisdom with
a strategy to establish the kingdom of God on earth?

That is Becoming Chayil.



I am Stella, I am CHAYIL.



10 thoughts on “About Stella

  1. Beverly Madison

    Thank you for being a blessing and not denying the purpose of the cross. I love you and favor to you.

  2. Ayla Lynn

    Greetings Stella, I’m a 20-year-old speaker, teacher, influencer and servant of the Lord whom I know has called me to be ”a woman of valor” ”Eshet Chayil” Chayil. I’m shocked to see that your really the only one that I can find who has studied this in which I’m in the process of discovering. I would love to personally connect and I’m looking to buy your books but where do I find them?

  3. Melissa McIntyre

    Hi Stella, your powerful testimony really impacted me and has caused me to see how much I have misrepresented our Heavenly Father and His Kingdom with my” brokeness” and my contentment with just getting by. I am now on a quest to turn things around for the honor and glory of God. Your other videos have also been a blessing to me. I am from Grenada in the Caribbean and would like to share a part of my story with you personally with the hope that I can get some free advice ( smile)

    1. Stella Payton Post author

      Hello Melissa, Nice to meet you. I am very active in a group I have on Facebook called the Chayil Circle. YOu are welcome to join us and we would be glad to have you. There are many experts in a variety of areas who are glad to share knowledge with an active seeker. Please join us at this link. Please note, you must answer the 3 questions or the admin will not admit you to the group. Thank you for connecting and welcome to the circle! Stella

  4. Cherry Wallace

    I am so grateful for your ministry. Thank you for your powerful message to us women. May God bless you always!


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