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Contact Us because life is better with friends.
Contact Us because life is better with friends.

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  1. Eric Thompson says:

    Thank you!

  2. Bernice Walker says:

    Hi Stella, Bless The Lord he’s carried you and I through the hard time in iur lives and he’ s faithful… Well the reason for this message is not only to keep up the fight in faith but to require about the book. Shucks it’s been a while but I’m still faithfullly the arrival. Although it may not be for the season it will be good reading nevertheless because it’s of God

  3. LeCurtis Taylor says:

    I thank you so much for your testimony. Its very encouraging. I will be tithing from this point forward. Your testimony has enforced me to have a greater relationship with God. Thank you again and God bless!!!!

    1. You are so welcome LeCurtis. Make sure you watch the video. SOW WHERE YOU EAT. iT is on youtube. All ground is not created equal! Blessing brother and make sure yo connect with me on social media.

      1. Joanita says:

        Yes, specially giving we must enquire with the LORD, we may think the soil is good, but it may not good for our seeds. It happened to me many times, now I check with the LORD before I do anything & then decide.

  4. Crystal says:

    I just wanted to say thank you! I just finished watching one of your videos on You Tube talking about breaking the curse of poverty and it really was on time! I know that God had me listen to it to encourage me to use what He has given me to get out of my prison of lack!!!! God bless you and continue to tell your story!

    1. Thank you Crystal for watching. I try to release what God gives me in a timely fashion. I remind myself all the time that God has people out there waiting to hear what he speaks through me. Please connect with us on social media. The best is yet to come. Lets discover it together. Stella

  5. Praxedes Munala says:

    Dear Ms Stella Payton,

    My name is Praxedes Munala. I love your channel and I have been following you for some time now.

    Many thanks for your testimony on you tube it really uplifted me

    I am based in the United Kingdom England.

    My church – Voice of Comfort International by Dr Michael Edwards – is holding a Business Seminar on Saturday 30th June 2018 and would like to invite you as a guest speaker on business start up because I know all will greatly benefit and learn from your teaching as it is such a precious gem.

    1. I would love to come send me a plane ticket! LOL

  6. Tiffany O. says:

    I watched your testimony today while I was at work. I could relate to what you were saying. Thank you for your inspiration & God continue to bless you.

  7. Lisa Johnson says:

    I am very much interested in teaming with you in bringing the Customer Service Academy to Philadelphia, PA. There is such a need for it as a tool to promote dignity & prosperity to our youth. I am a cashier & front end supervisor at work and our young people just don’t “get it” in customer service. I hope you are still doing this and can offer me some direction. God bless you, all that you do & all the lives to help change.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Stella! In one of Your testimonies You set that the parent who doesn’t support financially her children cen’t have a relationship with them. I have that problem, but not because I’am lazy but there is absolutely not job offers that can cover not only all My needs but all 3 of Us. Now My kids with their further and don’t even call Me. I was devoted Christian mother builded my life on Bible and now I have no clue how to get out from poverty.

  9. Infogurushop says:

    Hi Stella, love your talent, skills and positive energy let’s talk and connect win-win my dreams your dreams online and offline. Bless.

  10. Tanda Thompson says:

    Hi Stella,

    Your teachings are phenomenal. I have been a faithful tither for over 30 years. My daughter is in college. I heard you mention your child getting scholarships. I have done around 15 scholarship applications with no response. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. do 15 more. My son was in the band and theater. We planned early on that he would do some extracurricular activities that could help pay for college. He chose band. But he was required to do something that gave him a college “skill.” And we also pushed him to not just be in the band but to be GOOD so he could have choices. I dont know your daughters situation but that was our strategy.

  11. Deborah Rowell Jones says:

    Please, please is there any way anywhere that I can get a paper copy of your 2014 edition of your book on Accessing the windows of Heaven? I bought it from and it is the best book I have read in so long. It has confirmed so much for me. It is AMAZING! I have someone I want to share this with that doesn’t have access to a kindle or a computer but needs this message. Is there any place that still has it in print or where I can buy the e-book and be able to print it? Please let me know! I am believing somewhere I can get one. I would love to read all her other books too. I ordered the other one that Amazon has and tomorrow when I get my SSI I am ordering the braclet and Chayil book. Is there a book and a study guide or how does that work? I didn’t totally understand the website as to which is books and which are study guides. Is the new book in the windows of heaven series out yet? Can I still preorder? Is it a book and a workbook/study guide too? Please let me know! This teaching is AMAZING! She truly is a woman after God’s own heart anointed for such a time as this! Thanks so much!

    1. I emailed you!

  12. Karen T Shaw says:

    Hello, how do I login to your live broadcast on Fridays? Thank God for you Stella Payton. Lord have mercy. You are a true God send. God bless you. Karen

    1. Karen it is easy. Just go to my PUBLIC FIGURE PAGE AT 10:00 ON FRIDAY MORNINGS. That is the page that says Stella Payton, Public Figure.

  13. VEARNETT says:

    Hello Stella,
    I am truly inspired by your youtube video on tithes and would like to purchase a physical copy of Accessing the Windows of Heaven. Your website is currently sold out. Please if possible inform me a date when I can purchase. Thanks

  14. Jennifer Delacruz says:

    I would Love The Chayil Woman & The She Lives by the River an 8 Week Bible Study & a bracelet (in coral or black white & silver).if that is enough. Please keep my husband and I in prayer. I had been in ministry for many years, but about 6 years ago I got ill and caused me to deal with MS, fibromyalgia, Spinal Stenosis, 3 herniated disc, arthritis through my whole body. I ended up having to stop my cleaning business and ended up on SS Disability because I suffer such pain. It has been so hard for me to do anything because I am always so tired. I am sick of living like this and need my healing and want to get beck into ministry. My husband also deals with angora phobia and it is hard for him to leave the house (but he is better then before). I want to be prosperous and have streams of income so please pray for my healing so I can be the woman of God that He has called me to be. I have been watching your videos on Youtube and they have been inspiring me. Included is $70 to cover the coast of the items. Thank you & Be Blessed!

  15. Portia Ruzario says:

    Hello Stella. This is Portia
    Based in the Uk. Your teaching on the chayil woman is very inspiring. I have shared one of your teachings to thr women in our church. We have a group called women of valour; building and teaching one another on the things of God thus affecting our homes and our community. My question is how can we book you to speak at our event in 2019. I know we are only a small group but it would mean so much to us

    1. Hello, Portia. I emailed you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  16. Shay Timmons says:

    My name Shay Timmons. I somehow came across your video (How God Broke the Curse of Poverty and Lack over My Life). I am now, who you were in 1993.I know that I have Greatness inside of me and there’s more to life than what I am experiencing. All that I need from you is just a word of Knowledge as to what direction to go in. I believe that faith comes by hearing & I’ve listened to your video several times, But if you would please give me 2 minutes of your time, I just need clarity from your mouth to my ears. I have been praying and seeking God for a breakthrough, and I believe that it is near. If you would please reach out, I would be more than grateful to you for your time.
    Sincerely , Shay Timmons
    (313) 614-4299

    1. I emailed you.

  17. Lavern Young says:

    Hello, back in November the 5th I ordered Accessing the Windows of Heaven the web stated that it will be the first of December for delivery as of December 20th I have not received the book, and I would like to know if there is still a waiting period. my contact information 912-200-4330,

  18. Jean Givan says:

    Just reaching out because I met Stella, back in the day, in the 90’s, at Pastor BAM’s church, Bible Enrichment. I was out there from ’95-2001. Now, I’m back in NY (on Long Island), looking after my (soon to be 88 years old) mother. Good to see God’s blessing on you, and you thriving. Was encouraged by your video. You dropped loads of wisdom. I’m sure you’re just scratching the surface of your capacities. Looking forward to how God unfurls your gifts, like a flag. I’ll watch your video again, and take notes. GREAT INFO and inspiration. THANKS. I’m sure God’s blessings on you will continue. Until we meet again…

    1. Wow, talk about a blast from the past. That was a pivotal season in my life. I grew so much at that church. But I am grateful to say it was the foundation for the person I have become today. there were so many challenges to overcome during that window and most of them were self-development related. Thank you for reaching out and thank you for watching my videos. I would be curious to know how you found me. Please take a minute to connect with me on facebook if you are there! Blessings! Stella

  19. Veronica Adele Rogers says:

    Hello Stella. Just saw video on YouTube about breaking curse if poverty. I am very glad I saved it to ‘watch later’ in my channel. Your story of experience with poverty is touching as it resembles mine. I am a single mom of a 24 yr old daughter. I would like to discuss some Ideas with you. Maybe we can work together on some projects for the Lord. I am a writer, poet, songwriter and composer with motivational counselling or consultant gifting and have a booklet for youth on Interview preparation that you could use in your Customer Service Academy. (Great idea BTW)! In Facebook I am Que Tee V’Adele Rogers. Peace to you.

  20. Jettie Davis says:

    Praise the Lord Stella, My name is Jettie. I want you to know that you have made a great impact on my life. I Bless the Lord for you. It would take far to long to record everything that I have learned from your teaching. I consider you a personal mentor. THANKS

  21. Mojca says:

    All my life I am missing what you are talking about f.e.; “We all need people in our lives who feed our souls, and so on ”
    I do not have one. Not even my family. I do not fit in this negative way of thinking, complaining,…and of course praying on the other side.
    I mean if you pray with your heart you do not talk like that. And if you do you can not expect any results but a lot of negative consequences.
    Would you say a good word for me when next praying , please…

    1. I emailed you

  22. Emilia says:

    Good morning, I just love how my Father works and sometimes He works harder and longer with me to get me what I need. I believe it’s because of what I have religiously done because a man (ministers) have taught me about giving and the tithe. Your testimony has been in my YouTube feed for about a month and I kept saying why is this here and I don’t want to hear another person telling me nothing about tithing, I’ve literally given tens of thousands of dollars each year to the church, My friend calls me crazy and keeps telling me no one is prospering on all that money but the church. Each year on my tax returns the church has gotten more out of me than my household has kept.
    With all that being said, I decided to listen to your video and literally stated laughing at how God chose to keep that video up so I could actually hear it. I just love Him. In the year of 2015 I received a word that said, “Emilia, stand still as walls fall down, you have been stuck in a paradox and situation that has stalled you for years, but I see that the release from that will launch you on the next leg of the journey and this includes academics, employment and long term sustainable friendships and relationships. God loves your heart and in brokenness, that’s where you have yielded the greatest. You and your family will have stability in me”. I believe what you are teaching is somehow connected to that word. I have started listening to lesson one on The Curse of Trusting in Man and can’t wait to get to the store and get me a notebook just for these lessons. Okay God, You brought me to this, now begin to bring down the walls so I can be released to be launched in Jesus Name. Words that got my attention in this video was Hattiesburg, I live in Poplarville and I’m in Hattiesburg all the time and paradox, I’ve been trying to figure that out for years and google wasn’t helping, Lol. But you explained it so well thank you for sharing!!

    1. Wow! So close to home! thank you for sharing your story. That testimony was posted over five years ago. about a month ago, youtube started putting it in feeds and it shot up to about 180,000 views in a month. It is based on a situation that happened in my life over 20 years ago. My son is 24 now soon to graduate from college. I love the part in your prophetic word that says “sustainable” friendships and relationships. That is what held me back, being in relationships with people who should have been gone long ago. But we are HERE!! And the time is now. Connect with me on facebook if you are there. Perhaps when you are in Hattiesburg again, we can grab a coffee! Blessings!

  23. Catherine Baumgartner says:

    Hallo Stella.
    My name is Catherine and I live in Switzerland.I am so in awe for how God has lead me to you. I was lead to listen to your testimony about a month ago, after learning from Kevin L A Ewing how to break curses and how to recognize demonic manipulation via dreams. After hearing of how you came off Wellfare I just thought: ” Amazing wow, I would love to be able to grow like that but it’s probably not for me.” and ignored your message because I just didn’t feel worthy or strong enough. It scared me too… so now about a month later you are on my you tube suggestion list and at first I forgot who you where untill you started talking and in my spirit I heard, “This is it, she can help you, conatct her!” So I took up my courage and decided to write you. I became a Christian almost 5 years ago and went through some tough times. I have 2 children, am a single parent and live on welfare and am in debt.The father of my children was abusive in many ways. God has broken of many chains and now I am at the point of having to transfer the freedom in my spirit into a practical way and I’m stuck so here I am. I really right now am just taking the step to contact you and am hoping to hear from you. I know I’m not very concrete in my text, but maybe God has a word for you on this and hope to hear from you.
    Thank you so much for your videos, I’m going to dive into them! God bless you and your loved ones always! God be with you!

    Greetings from Switzerland!


    1. Blessing on you Catherine! ARe you in Facebook? I think I found you. Check your Facebook Messages! Blessings! Stella

  24. Lisa Jones says:

    God bless you Sister!

    1. Got your message! Emailed you back! Look forward to hearing from you!

  25. Theresa says:

    Hello WOG..I enjoy your teachings..I don’t do social media, is it possible for you to email me?

    1. The fastest way to connect with me is in facebook messenger on my public figure page. Email takes too long. If you dont do social media honestly, it will be hard to stay in touch. You are welcome to connect here as well. It is just not as fast. Blessings Stella

  26. corey thomas says:

    good morning mis payton my name is corey thomas ivebeen following your videos on youtube for about a week now its been a blessing the wisdom and understanding the lord has given you threw the holy spirit im a man however the explaination of the tithe and chayil woman representing the church or bride of christ has open my mind to different avenues of thinking truly the lord is with the your teachings have reignited a spark in the area of starting a small business however i need to sow into someone thats anointed to push me in that area im interested in being mentored in that area and whatever other area the lord my lead you to help me in im in an awesome church that teaches and believes in prosperity as a whole however i lack the clarity in how to break free of financial bondage and to excellerate beyond the land of not enough and just enough im sure your overwhelmed with people that desires your mentorship but if theres anyway i can become one of those people im willing to do whatever it takes to get to the next level in my life thanks so much for your teachings may the lord bless the and keep the and let his continance shine upon the and jesus name amen

    1. corey, blessings and thank you. YOur story is so touching. Please message me on Facebook on my public figure page. Tell me a bot about your story, goals and what holy spirit has shown you about your own path. That is stella Payton Public figure and we will go from there. Thanks Again Stella

  27. Hello . I just listen to your testimony on utube and it blessed my heart. I am living my pay check to pay check. Just graduated with my bachelors this year and I apply for jobs and nothing. I am open to whatever gid has for me and I was hoping if you have any book that would help me fulfilled my destiny.

    1. Hello Chevorneise, For the past few days, when I would read your message I was so touched. Holy spirit kept bring this video to mind. so I wanted to share it for youto think about. After you view it, message me on facebook with your goals and dreams. And we will go from there. Here is the link. Blessings Stella

  28. Rosa says:

    I saw u on YouTube. And I was wondering if you would like to include High point NC and Greensboro nc. We need help here with young teens to keep them busy and out of trouble.

    1. Are you referring to the Customer SErvice Academy?

  29. Praise God! The Holy Spirit landed your testimony in my life and ministry outreach on the Sunday after Hurricane Harvey in Houston. In perfect timing to recovery in our personal, relationships, and community experiences, the power of God is building His Kingdom. From obedience in ministry, our @TimothyCourage Ministries is featuring testimonies, and I asked God to provide the voices to speak to the people over our digital platform. Your testimonial and resources were featured globally 4 days this week (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)!

    It was on like ‘white on rice’ when you shared your Mississippi roots! I’m also a MS native and shared my rich roots of upbringing, including the truth on tithing and offerings from childhood. I just love love love your Scripture focus and standing on the promises of God to glorify Him in true freedom and peace! The anointing of The Holy Ghost is awesome in entrepreneurship, business and every aspect of our lives. He set up the Kingdom on earth as an example.

    Please email me the information on business coaching and the content from your most recent series. I plan to invest in my growth and future with the tools you are sharing. The Lord is taking me in unprecedented landscapes of growth, harvest and increased sowing in abundance. Thank you for your gracious heart for God’s people and destiny. With the love of Christ, Barbara Haralson, Founder – @TimothyCourage Ministries – GenRev Enterprise LLC

  30. LaDonna says:

    Hi sister Stella. I was introduced to you by YouTube as a recommended channel and I must say it is the best suggested channel from them. I’m currently watching “She lives by the river”, And I must say it’s right on time. I know I’m late but I was wonder if the workbook for this series is still available? I recently started a small customization business but I’m believing GOD to do something much greater. Please let me know if I can get the workbook and I would like to receive information on any up and coming series.

    Thank you

    1. Hello Ladonna Yes we still have workbooks for the series and you can order it here I emailed you.

  31. ULOMA EBERE NZEH says:

    Thank God for your message/testimony. i want send a personal message to you.

    1. you may send me a personal message here on my website or on my Public Figure Facebook page. Thank you for watching the video. Blessings.

  32. LaSeanda says:

    Oh my God your testimony video popped up on my YouTube list and I listen to that and started the bible study videos Thank God for you I am in the mist of finding myself at 41 years old, I am also looking into home equity loans to fix my house to be comfortable for me and my family for the years to come this is just great and God has sent you my way Thank you

    1. Praise God! I Pray that he lead you and guide your steps. I wish you warmth comfort and Love in your home! Blessings.

  33. Ywvomming Humphrey says:

    Hello Ms Stellar, my name is Ywvomming Humphrey. I am a seeking how to get our small congregation to begin to tithe and began to live a prosperous life. My mother is the pastor. Her name is Pastor Gloria Wright. Our church is located in South Memphis in Memphis,TN. I would like to see if you can come and speak to our small children’s ministry. Do you have an available Sunday in the month of October of 2017. Will you give me a call at 901-674-7603 when you are available?

    1. Hello I sent you an email. Blessings

  34. Michelle says:

    I stumbled across your YouTube video at Macedonia Baptist Church. I’m not sure what date it was recorded however it spoke directly to me.

    You inspired me at my lowest ever but this to shall pass. I thank you!

    1. Hello Michelle!

      God is always listening and ready with a word to encourage you… Isa 65:24

      24 “It shall come to pass
      That before they call, I will answer;
      And while they are still speaking, I will hear.

  35. Please contact me…I need a connection of more than enough….

    1. You can contact me either here or on my Facebook Public figure page. Thak you for your inquiry. Blessings Stella

  36. Leti says:

    Wow is all that I can say. Read your bio, can relate to what you went through. Saw your testimony on
    YouTube. Some many things you said were so on point that I found myself wondering how sis Stella know that about me since
    I have never met her? There are no coincidences in God’s kingdom. Remember you are a Champion for Divine Deployment.
    You will appreciate this teaching from last Sunday

    1. Finally got to watch it! It reminds me of my post last month on Seasons of Transition! Stella

  37. ALICE FORTE says:

    Thank you so much, I took the time to listen to one of your teachings, “how God broke the curse”, thank you, this truly bless me on so many levels
    I pray that more will hear what God has place in your spirit so that this will reach the masses
    God Bless you

    1. Thank YOu Alice! I need your prayers. Stella

  38. I was looking for an inbox. I want to talk you with or your rep regarding booking.

    1. Thank you for your interest. I sent you an email and a facebook message. Look forward to hearing from you.

  39. Brain Rwodzi says:

    I am looking for this book Accessing the windows of heaven. I am in SA(south Africa) please help.

  40. Liz says:

    Hello Stella, I pray all is well. I am interested to know if the workbook for Chayil Woman is download or mail order only. I have a couple of friends that I have shared the study with and we are interested in doing the study.

    1. Hello Liz. I just emailed you! Thanks All the details are in your inbox! Blessings! Stella

  41. Terri Travis says:

    Hi I bought 3 books and bracelets at women on the frontlines and never got an email. Can I get the videos of what I missed?
    I checked on June 1 like you said but you weren’t ready yet then I forgot.

    1. Did you receive your information Links ok Terri?! Stella

  42. Kristina Berry says:

    I’m so sad that I missed the Bible study that was just offered, I was sitting quietly today in my room talking to God about my situation, and I was led to search stories about People coming out of poverty on youtube and your testimony popped up…. I began to cry but with that a stirring began to brew in my belly, so I looked you up google and it landed me here… I look forward to studying and acting on the Wisdom you have obtained from God and willingly share… What states do you offer Mentorship?

    1. Hello Kristina! Did you receive my email? Stella

  43. Monica Benjamin says:

    Stella please email me. Thanks

    1. Done Monica! Look forward to haring from you! Stella

  44. Fran says:

    Stella, I love your teaching. It hits the nail right on the head. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your message is from God! I just saw your video this past weekend and I was touched by your message. Will you be coming to Washington State in the near future?

    1. Thank you Fran for those encouraging words. I dont have plans to come to Washington State at this time but I am asking Holy Spirit about his agenda for this year as we speak. So please pray for me. I have several launches starting this year. Working to get things in order as we speak! Thank you again for viewing. And God Bless you! Stella

      PS Make sure you connect with me on FACEBOOK and my other social media. That is how I keep in touch with everyone! Blessings!

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