11 Hidden Lesson in 11:11

God is with his remnant.
Praise is always a right response.
God sees and knows all.
God is releasing new territory, authority, ownership, and transition.
When the student is ready the teacher will appear.
Upright leaders.
Do not reject God.
The name of God stands forever.
God will bring you back home.
God of the impossible/ Life / Awakening
God’s anointed lives.
Judge God as faithful.
Ask the Father for what you want.
The name of God stands forever.

Throughout Scripture, the number 11 has often been used to communicate messages to people. Even today, we see people recognizing and noticing this number randomly often throughout the day. Personally this number has spoken to me many times. It has been used by God to get my attention and to redirect my focus.

Recently, I did a study on scripture passages using the numbers 1111. I found an each of one is a message from God as they communicate a certain thought in time for our lives, for our nation, and for our world.

In the following slides, you’ll see examples of some of those messages. Each slide is a separate thought with a different concept. Let them speak to you and inspire you to pray for more insight. Ask God to show you how these apply to your life right now.

Even in these challenging times, God is always speaking to us. There is never a moment we cannot find a silent message from his heart to ours. He works to communicate peace, love, joy, direction and more. Hear God. Listen to him. He is speaking to you. He has a purpose and a plan for your life and if we will look for it, we will see him guiding us in that direction as it draws us towards him.


  1. Grace Sieloff says:

    I have been seeing 11;11 and 1:11 constantly lately, again! I know it is a transition for me, but probably more! Thanks for this Stella!

  2. Laurel says:

    Profoundly Beautiful Stella! Thank you for sharing and blessing us all.

    I consider Your prophecies to be my greatest treasure, and I memorize them and write them on my heart to keep me from committing sin’s treason against You. Psalms 119:11 TPT

    1. Hello my friend! Always a joy to hear from you. Make sure you log into the network. https://thechayilcircle.mn.co/share/NEmpyR_CCU5uM16a?utm_source=manual

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