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7 Things You Must Do

This is a repeat of session 1 from September 10. With some new information and fresh insight added in.
Rosh Hashanah began the evening of Friday, September 18, and ended on the evening of Sunday, September 20. It is the start of the year 5781. This year, 5780 was the year of the mouth. It spoke to the urgency to speak, decree, and proclaim. 5781 continues in that vein with increasing urgency to align our mouths with what the Kingdom of God is saying. So we will be able to say what the Father is saying and do what the Father is doing.
This New Era of 2020 – 2030, demands alignment with the kingdom Mindset, the heavenly agenda, and the purposes and plans of God. We each have a role to play in participating with the Governmental Authority of God. To do so we must take action and come into alignment with the kingdom of God.
Think of it as “kingdom mouth to mouth” Receive the breath of God to speak the heart of God. Once you receive the breath of God, it gives you the “life” to act in accordance with the will of God.
Then you decree the plan of God in order to create the will of God on earth as it is in heaven. This understanding is essential for the transformation of culture as the goodness of God touches the hearts of people and changes the way they think. This is a major shift for most people, as they learn to set the tone of heaven here on earth with the spoken agreement with God.
This is the key preparation for the first wave of revival. Are you ready?
It is very important that you use this next 30 days or so to get into position. You need to refine your ear so that you know you are hearing the spirit of God clearly.
There are 7 strategic actions you need to take to get in position. They will impact your ability to launch effectively in 2021. They will shape your ability to navigate this decade. Learn what they are in this online Zoom session.

If you missed the first class, here is your chance to Join us for Session 2!

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