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“You can love God, care about people and want to be the change;
but without money, you will be limited in what you can do to impact the world.
We want to help you make a difference.”

Our March 2020 class is GETTING TO $100K – 2020.

It amazes me how many people are trying to find ways to increase their income. And it’s just not that difficult if you know how to do it. In this session, we’re going to explore unique strategies that help you increase your income and gradually work your way to $100,000 a year.

A few months ago, as a newly divorced businesswoman, I realized how strong my business acumen was as I looked back over the assets we cultivated during the 15 years of my prior marriage. We amassed more than 17 pieces of real estate, 8 houses, a 10 unit apartment complex, six different businesses, and much more. Most of those resources went away with the divorce division of assets. I felt lost and hurt. How do you recover from that level of loss? You can recover! Because…

“Divorce doesn’t have to be a financial death sentence!”


So I picked up the pieces and got busy! My assignment became to get back to $100K as quickly as possible, get on track to millionaire status and then help others, especially women, recover too! Why? Because we are all assigned with the responsibility of making a difference in the world. It takes money to make a difference! If you have big goals and dreams that have not been realized, It’s not too late. The world needs a bigger you! Let us help you get to $100K!

Here is what you will learn…

The Service Minded Entrepreneur
Exercising the Ancient Wisdom of Income Streams
Maximizing the 10% Factor – Increasing income step by step
7 Clues to Discovering Your Own Income Streams
Activating Life-Style / Seasonal Income Strategies
How to Make Money Online from Anywhere in the Country
Understanding Active / Passive Income

Right now, there is a business anointing in the atmosphere that we can tap into which will allow us to accelerate into financial breakthroughs more easily. The winds of financial breakthrough are blowing! It is time to set your sail so that you can move and let’s change the world as we increase income so we have the resources needed to make a difference! Now is the time to move and take action!

The session includes Program Activities Workbook, Financial Self-Assessment, and access to the ZOOM Follow-up Call.

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For our February

Bible Study Becoming Chayil.

2020 is the ERA of the Emerging Entrepreneur

For years, we understood Proverbs 31:10-31 to be a reflection of the ideal wife. And it is, but not the wife you have heard about all your life. The wife being reflected in Proverbs 31 is the wife of Christ. Among other things, It is a remarkable metaphor of explosive entrepreneurship and the ability to increase financial resources by creating income streams; All for the benefit of family, community, and culture.

In this book, Becoming Chayil, we discover a blueprint that outlines the 12 characteristics hidden in Proverbs 31 that shows us what it takes to be successful in the marketplace. These lifestyle markers show us how to step into the entrepreneurial river and swim! These are exciting times for women in business. Statistics bear out that truth. Consider this…

Women-owned businesses with revenues over $1 million increased 46 percent compared to 12 percent for all U.S. businesses in the last decade–an impressive feat were it not for the fact that these businesses make up only 1.7 percent of all women-owned firms

The stats are part of the latest annual State of Women-Owned Businesses report, commissioned by American Express, which also found that women own 12.3 million businesses in 2018, or 40 percent overall. The report also estimates that women are starting about 1,821 new U.S. businesses per day, a significant uptick from an average of 952 between 2012 and 2017. The overall number of women-owned businesses have surged 3,000 percent since 1972. (State of Women Owned Businesses Report)
INC. Magazine

“Are you dreaming about becoming
one of the more 
than 1800 women-owned businesses
launching across America every day?”

Then this resource is for you. Becoming Chayil outlines the 12 characteristics of the Chayil Anointing. This powerful spirit of enablement is here, and it is sent by God to help you partner with Him and create the life you were meant to live as a benefactor in the Kingdom of God.

It has been said that when women prosper the whole village thrives. Perhaps that is why God used a woman to model the concept of Chayil, a woman who is a marketplace warrior empowered to finance the Kingdom of God. Is that the beat of your heart? This book and the accompanying decree booklet will show you how to access that anointing as you launch out into the deep by starting your business and creating your own income streams.

And for the feminine side of every woman, order your pair of beautiful Limited Edition Chayil Bracelets Each bead speaks a prophetic message including wooded bead for the cross, a red crystal for the blood of Christ, and much more; All hand strung and prayed over.

I called this frog design. FROG – – fully rely on God!
I called this frog design. FROG – – fully rely on God!
2 Bracelet Set Red
10 MM Chayil Red / black / CreamSet

Chayil Fire Collection












Available Now!

Becoming Chayil – Using Ancient Wisdom for

Modern-Day Success


Chayil is a Hebrew word meaning Warrior / Wealth / Wisdom. This word encompasses becoming a kingdom Warrior, manifesting Wealth, walking in Wisdom, being a Worshiper, with physical Wellness washed in the Word as the bride prepares to become the Wife of Christ.

This whole process is activated by a metamorphosis that is a result of being with God. It is a journey of transformation that begins with a God encounter and ends with the manifested ability to establish the kingdom of God in the earth as it is in heaven. And a large part of that manifestation takes place in the marketplace. Want to learn more?


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Includes Shipping in

the continuous United States and Hawaii.


In Proverbs 31:10, the word VIRTUOUS in the Hebrew language is CHAYIL. It encompasses becoming a kingdom WARRIOR, manifesting WEALTH, walking in WISDOM, being a WORSHIPER, with physical WELLNESS; being washed in the WORD as the bride prepares to become the WIFE of Christ. The Chayil woman presented in this passage is a metaphor of what the wife of Christ should look like. Because no man wants a woman who does not measure up to the full scope of who HE is. Thus, the body of Christ is entering a season of massive change.

This whole process is activated by a metamorphosis that comes as a result of being with God. It is a journey of transformation that begins with a God encounter. God is anointing us to become CHAYIL. We are learning to shift into WARRIOR mindsets with courage and not fear. We are accessing WISDOM that connects us to divine strategies that enable us to acquire income streams leading to increase and wealth. How is all of this happening? It comes through a distinct anointing. (Anointing = divine enablement) In addition, God has begun pouring out his spirit on all flesh and is preparing the world to encounter his Spirit.

The woman described in Proverbs 31, (I call her Chayil) is the personification of an anointing. Anointing means…

1) to set apart for divine use;
2) to activate a shield of protection over the one who is set apart;
3) to instilled power to perform; 
4) to conveying or assigning a degree of responsibility for the one consecrated; 
5) To use all of the above for obtaining wealth to establish kingdom covenant in the earth.

This wisdom is especially MARKED FOR RELEASE in the marketplace. It is marked by 12 distinct characteristics. When you see these 12 qualities, you can know that the CHAYIL ANOINTING is in FULL MANIFESTATION!

God is partnering with his people. Through our connection with His mind, we exploded with creative ideas that impacted family, community and the world. We access this divine ability to solve the problems of our day. We maximize the creative aspects of wisdom to innovate and build wealth for the benefit of all of society. We move from REVELATION to RESULTS by taking ACTION through our ENCOUNTER with God. That makes us R. A. R. E. The world is looking for Chayil. It is looking for the manifestation of the sons of God.

It has been said that when women prosper, the whole village thrives. Although this book is not just for women, it is no surprise that God used a woman to model the concept of Chayil. This anointing is not automatic and does not extend to everyone. It is reserved for those who want more of God. That relationship activates a transformation, a complete metamorphosis that only happens after being with God. This is the Chayil Anointing.

We invite you to join us as we embark on this journey to Becoming Chayil!

About Stella, A Chayil Woman…

I am so glad you landed here. We all have that longing to find the inner courage and wisdom to pursue dreams and goals that maximize us in ways that enable us to create wealth for our families. But how do you do it? By discovering the Chayil spirit inside you. We can help.

We empower everyday people to discover their inner warrior and coach them in finding strategies to create wealth in the marketplace while succeeding at home as they learn to walk in divine and earthly wisdom. That is what the woman of Proverbs 31 did. But remember, CHAYIL is not a WOMAN!  It is a way of thinking that transforms our identity into the image God sees when he looks at us. It is discovering the wisdom that lets us know how all our experiences serve to create and cultivate our God Identity.

Discover the Chayil warrior.

Chayil means valiant warrior. I am sure no one has to tell you that we live in a world where courage, bravery, and determination are not optional. And yet, many people like you and I have silent hopes and dreams that are screaming for realization. Dreams don’t just manifest out of thin air. They require diligence, focus, and much hard work. We can show you how to tap into your inner strength and give you the action-oriented resources to make them happen.

Create wealth.

There is a path to wealth you were born to walk. Keep in mind that wealth is not just money. It is a wealth of time, freedom and peace that allows us to create the lives and future we yearn for our families. In Deuteronomy 8:18, the passage reads, It is the Lord who gives us the power to create wealth. The word wealth here and the word wealth “virtuous” in Proverbs 31:10 is the same Hebrew word, CHAYIL. We are exploring the connection between the warrior, the wealth and the wisdom of the Chayil lifestyle. Our goal is to master the knowledge required to live there.

Work the wisdom.

Wisdom is the ability to understand the opportunities, challenges, and situation we face,  anticipate the consequences of our choices and make sound decisions. It is the ability to recognize opportunities hidden behind difficulties, problems, and challenges. Attached to every problem is a promise. And with every promise comes the provision to meet needs. Wisdom shows us how to attain it.  We can all have access to that wisdom. And we will show you how to tap into the wisdom and create the life you want.


 While you are here, check out our latest book Renewing the 6 Faculties of your Mind 

Make sure you leave your email address so we can stay in touch as we explore Becoming Chayil.  You can even book me to speak at your next event or check out our resources. But before you go, we’d love to learn more about you and discover how my team and I can help you reach your goals. Please introduce yourself by clicking here.

Want to know more about Stella, read on…

We have been in the consulting field business for more than 25 years.  We help people and organizations develop a strategy for doing the things they need to do to be successful. Success is all about strategy.

Who am I…Stella Payton

As a passionate lover of Jesus Christ,  I think of myself as an ETERNAL LIFE COACH.

I am a teacher, mother, sister, best friend, business owner, real estate investor, writer, singer, speaker, motivator, encourager,  believing believer, lover of God and (most of the time) a lover of his people. As I read my own simplified bio, I see a remarkable (although significantly smaller version) of the woman of Proverbs 31. I call her Chayil. But sometimes, life causes us to forget that we are indeed royalty. That’s when I look down at the CHAYIL BRACELET™ on my wrist and I am reminded that I am God’s beloved and my persona is rooted in him. You can see some of our many CHAYIL BRACELET DESIGNS HERE.

In Proverbs 31:10, we read the question, ‘Who can find a virtuous woman?” Virtuous in Hebrew is CHAYIL. The word is only translated as virtuous 3 times in the KJV. Even though it is in the Old Testament over 230 times. In all the other places we find this word, it has one of three general meanings. They are valor or valiant warrior, wealth, and enabling wisdom.


Chayil was not just a virtuous woman with high morals and good homemaking skills. She was a marketplace warrior! She fought and won the battle for acquiring wealth and abundance without losing her family, her faith, her community or herself.

As a carrier of the CHAYIL anointing, I am learning to manifest the full measure of the CHAYIL SPIRIT exhibited by the woman of Proverbs 31. We have experienced success in all the same areas Chayil showed in Proverbs 31. We can show you how to do the same.

Here you will learn to manifest the WARRIOR, the WEALTH and the WISDOM of CHAYIL.

I am simply Stella, I am  CHAYIL.




  1. Nicole Smith says:

    I tried to sign up for your class, but had technical problems. Can you send me info via email please? I know this is the next step for me on my journey and I don’t want to miss it. I have learned so much from you over the last year and a half. Thank you!

    1. Done! Welcome to the Chayil Circle!

  2. LAURA MCCABE says:

    I feel like I’m late to the game, st 50. And God said “it’s time!” So he’s putting me in. I’m experienced and capable, and still I’m intimidated and shrinking because I don’t have a direct plan! Thank you for saying what I want to say to myself and others! This is what I needed this am!

    1. Hello Laura welcome to the club and we invite you to connect with our tribe. I am 56. I fight that battle often on not having a plan. But sometimes you have to step out based on what you CAN SEE. You might not have all the details and every step. What you have to do then is take the Next step. Focus on taking the next one and you will get closer to your vision. Until you move however, nothing happens. Blessings and we invite you to check out the Chayil Circle on facebook. Ever warrior needs a tribe! Stel

    2. Becca a Prepared Vessell says:

      I am 55 and I can tell you that we are exactly where the Lord has ordered our steps to be. Our time under the LORD is now. We have been called for such a time as this. MUCH LOVE from a member of the 55+ club and glad about it. HIS timing is perfect.

  3. Jurwana Bargeman says:

    Hello, my name is Jurwana Bargeman. I am 56 yes single woman of God. OMG, I ran across your video researching the Daniel Fast. At the present moment, I’m not working due s total knee replacement surgery. At the moment, I have no incoming income but speaking it to past. I want so desperately to obtain your work book Accessing the window of heaven and other books you have written. I just wanted to share with you how your video/message is truly blessing my soul. I know it is not God’s will for me to live in poverty/paychecks to the next day. Thank you for allowing God to use you to give us knowledge. Not just knowledge but obtaining Understanding. I believe it was destined for me during this fast(day 4) to find you! I’m now viewing video 5 of the curse.

  4. Lillian Byner says:

    Good Morning Mrs. Stella,
    My name is Lillian and I just came across your testimony message on YouTube again after having heard it a few years ago. This time I have located more of your videos on YouTube, and I have subscribed to both, your YouTube and Facebook Public Figure accounts. I just made a donation toward your workbook entitled Accessing the Windows of Heaven, but in my eagerness over being ‘proactive’, I forgot to indicate in the Paypal window that this is what my donation is designated for. Will someone please be able to email me to ensure that’s it’s understood? Thank you so much for being not only obedient to Our Father, but also transparent with us and sharing your testimony. May God continue Blessing you!! 🙂

  5. Jocelyn Lewis says:

    Hello Mrs. Stella, listening to you on YouTube has bought a new revelation of God’s Word into my life!! It’s only been a week since I found you though…lol. But I’m definitely looking forward to Growth & Development. You’re such an inspiration and I truly thank God for you!! May He continue to bless you richly as you bless others!!

    1. Hello Jocelyn, I am honored to share what God gives me. I know my style is somewhat different from others. But my desire is for people to really “GET IT” in ways that allow them to take action and get results. Keep your eyes open for more resource coming soon. Thank you again for connecting. Make sure you are on my facebook public figure page. That is where I do the videos on facebook live. Blessings! Stella

  6. Amazing amazing amazing . God has truly blessed me thru a friend to learn of you and your great testimony. You kept the focus/ tenacity. Praise Jehovah. Your ministry is flourishing because you held on with the revelation and action. I have a similar testimony .Thank you so much Stella. I have decrees to make and run with the vision.
    Favor to you. Such living word in you.
    Love youuuuu,
    Beverly Madison

    1. Thank you, Beverly. Tell your friend thanks form me! There is more to come. Trying to get geared up for new material coming soon. Stella BTW are you on the facebook page? Stella Payton Public Figure.

  7. Patricia Armani says:

    Hello: My name is Patricia, I love your testimony. I know that God has place some unique gift in me . I would love to know how to use those gifts to help other.

    1. Step 1. Write them down. Ask Holy Spirit for input.
      Step 2. Ask yourself what is the greatest thing you can visualize God doing through you, USING THOSE GIFTS?
      Step 3. Assess your level of development. The distance between your ASPIRATION and MANIFESTATION is the area of your development.
      Step 4. Assess your circle of influence. Who NEW is around you? If its the same old people, add new ones.
      Step 5. Take action on something you have had in your heart to do.
      Step 6. Assess your progress. REPEAT until you see yourself growing and your world changing in the necessary areas. Blessings Stella

  8. Terrance says:

    Good afternoon Mrs. Payton,
    A good friend sent me the link to a YouTube video titled ” How God Broke the Curse of Poverty and Lack over My LIfe-My Testimony. It was recorded on October 20, 2011. Your message really resonated with me. I am a Tither and First Fruit giver. I need more teaching about the CHAYIL Anointing!!!!!

    1. Hi Terrance, I have a lot of resources out there. 4 Books right now and over 100 videos. I also do limited direct coaching. Get busy! Stella

  9. Machell Johnson says:

    Today I felt God to spoke and said it’s just about over, my struggling. I’ve been struggling most of my life. Now about 6 -7 years ago my pastor prophesied to me and said, ” You been struggling for a very long time but God said it’s just about over”. I don’t know why it took so many years to actually know this in my spirit but I that God.

    Today on YouTube, I see your title: How God broke the curse of poverty and lack over my life. After watching this, I knew this was confirmation of what God spoke to my spirit. I repented for not giving God my first fruits which was because of fear and just not having enough and scared to give. I wanted to give first fruits but I was just afraid to trust God. After I repented, I felt a shift like it’s going to be alright.

    Thank you so much for your boldness and great desire to help others. I pray that you continue in your obedience to God.

    Be blessed,

    Machell Johnson

    PS. I want to be a writer and entrepreneur as well. I know it’s my gift. Please pray for me.

    1. Hello there Machell! How are things progressing?

  10. Beauty K Nkonde says:

    Hi stella. I just bumped into your youtube clip on breaking the curse on poverty. And something has just awaken in me. Your words have pierced through me and I feel it is God speaking to me through you.
    And this word is timely for me because things in our lives are at a stand still or just moving slowly and huning on a shoe string. Can we be talking.
    My name is Beauty K Nkonde from Zambia Africa

    1. Hello Beauty, You can connect with me on Facebook. Blessings

  11. Eric Gossett says:

    Hello Stella dont Know how i ended up on your testimony video on youtube but i have to say it was God and i have been blessed and will be buying your book i have truly been blessed buy your testimony

    1. Hello Eric! Praise God. He knows what we need and when we need it. There is an old saying that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Perhaps it is your time to advance. If so, I am here. Just let me know how I can help. Stella

  12. Eboni Reed says:

    Please provide hard copy of accessing the windows of heaven-tithing… Please

  13. Tina Cowar says:

    In my heart of hearts, I believe that God has allowed me to find you, so that you can lead me to the place of purpose and promise that he has prepared for me. Moreover, I believe that I am only one of an army that Christ is raising up as end-time soldiers. You have been anointed and ordained to send us through a spiritual boot camp to prepare us to win the war that Christ will victoriously manifest in the earth. I am excited and in awe that FINALLY I am meeting the teacher that God promised to send. The doors that God is opening for YOU will make yesterday look like a mere rehearsal. For such a time as this…Queen Esther, God has positioned you to save his people alive, kill the enemy that tried to kill us, and transfer their possessions into the hands of the righteous, for the glory and purpose of God. Eyes haven’t seen, nor have ears heard… I pray God’s continued protection, provision, and success over you and all that pertains to you. My sister in Christ and God-appointed teacher, I am so humbled by you Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding. Be encouraged Ms. Stella, my new God-sent, friend.

    1. Message me on Facebook public Figure page and tell me your interest. Look forward to hearing from you. Blessings Stella

  14. Angela Johnson says:


    God bless your ministry, the calling on your life, and your business. I came across your testimony at the Alambama church. As I listen I decided to come to your website and may I just say you inspired me! I am a single mom of two teens, orginally an 18 year old mom, I know about struggle. I also know that God is an amazing Father, who loves us dearly, has created us for purpose and is the ultimate provider. Thank you for sharing! I am hungry for destiny! I want to open my own early childhood education program with an enrichment piece, I want permanent and true financial freedom and abundance, and I want to help God’s people and help people become God’s people in Jesus name! Amen!!!!!

    1. Hello Angela, Your desire is strong. The pathway to an early childhood education business is pretty well laid out. Get busy! You can do this. Whaat is the first thing you need to do? Stella

  15. Linda Vela says:

    Sister thank you for sharing your wealth of revelation. Within me the soil of my heart has become fertilized with your teaching.

  16. Bernice says:

    HI Stella, I’ve been following you on face book, and I’m new in the walk with the Holy Spirit;while viewing your video’s you stated that The Holy Spirit gave you a sign using 911, What video was that on? because I too have been given numbers, Just trying to find Clarity in my life. I ordered your book and awaiting its arrival. I have had so much trials in this stage without a Church. I told the Lord that when I finally come to him I would never leave him. And with those words i became a backslider and was chased out of Church. And now trying to get back in because I have had a Woo time as to say, the 11/11, I was told the curse over my family was broken. How do I get a prophet to call or talk to me? Do recommend someone…..or just prayer, I’m over the hardest just want to define the numbers stat…
    PS. Sorry to put this message here with all your awesome comments And bye the way you do deliver a prophetic word. And have given me hope for all my numerous of inventions and purpose and the assignment on me. So that’s why the tack was so strong on my life hmm…. May God Keep His Angels Around About You.

  17. LaVern Young, Pooler Ga says:

    I really thank God for you and your teaching Accessing the windows of HEaven. I had been praying that God would show me the real teaching or meaning of Malachi 3:9 “You are cursed with a curse”. I just knew that God did’nt curse His people and it had to be more to that scripture. So when I stumble across your testimony and teaching I knew God had position me to the truth of Malachi. I have order the Widow of Heaven and can’t wait to receive it. I know that the Holy Spirt will take me step by step in this well needed teaching. Thank you and may God continue to hold you in the palm of His hand. Lavern Young

  18. Minnie Bonner says:

    hello Simply Stella! I am Chayil Cathy lol what a awesome word God has given you & have caused you to become, in which you are now sharing with His Body. A word so timely & needed. And you deliver it with such power, tenacity, passion & conviction! This word is Not only on your lips, but in your heart being lived, walked & fought in faith. Praise God for raising you up & revealing you in these lay days fur such a time as this! You not a pastor but you “preachin’!!!-))) lol thank you so much for allowing God to connect & release your anointing!

    1. Dear Kathy! You are a blessing and a gift! I replied to you by email! Please connect with me and lets agree on some things! Till we connect! Stella

  19. Olivia Griffin says:

    I really thank God for you. I stumbled across your testimony about two months ago. It really touched my life at a time where I had just reached a crossroad. I was so excited to know that God loves me so much, that He would give me step by step instructions through you. I am moving forwarded to becoming a praise and worship leader and event speaker. God is good and I thank Him daily for loving me and making me feel as if I’m His favorite! Thank you Ms. Payton and may God continue to richly bless you.

    Olivia Griffin
    Atlanta, Georgia

    1. Dearest Olivia! That is because you are his favorite! Take your walk with God one day at a time. It is a journey that should be fun and exciting. Keep me posted on your progress and make sure to connect with me on Facebook so I can see your smiling face!

  20. Porshia says:

    Hi Stella,
    I am in the season of questions, answers and searching with God and I came across your testimony on Youtube in September 2017 (I had never seen or heard your teachings before, and I live in the Cayman Islands). After listening to your testimony about 3 times, I was led to all the other videos. After your testimony I start the lessons on The curse of trusting man and did the whole series (listen to each lesson for 1 week while driving to and from work just to make sure I hear what God is saying to me so that it can take effect). Now I am on to “She Lives By The River.” I have just completed the last lesson……….and i will be starting from the top again because while listening, the Lord showed me 2 persons who can benefit from these teaching, therefore we started a study group yesterday! 🙂
    Since I have done the study, God has been revealing himself to me in dreams and various things that he wants me to do and I AM READY! As a matter of fact, what led me to write on your page is because I was in bed just now and the Lord just showed me the title of a book I should write and the teachings to go with it and I jumped out of bed, wrote down what he showed me then came to post on your page.

    At the end of lesson 8 (She lives by the river) You mentioned somethings that you have in mind to teach about……..please go ahead, I am waiting to hear and glean on the word of God!
    Stella God Bless You, God Bless You!

    1. Hello Porshia, I have covered so much material since that video. YOu will have to remind me of what I was talking about. Was it the business competencies?

  21. Robert Marr says:

    I just saw your testimony. Jeremiah 17 part jumped out at me. I have lived paycheck to paycheck for a very long time. Yet, I have tithed for the most part. And the salt, thirsty part. Everyday I feel yearning knowing what God has put in my heart but unable to manifest it and all the time I have ideas that can solve problems and yet I don’t know how to manifest it.

    If anything I feel even more discouraged after hearing you speak about Jeremiah 17 because I relate absolutely and don’t know what to do.

    1. Hi Robert, I emailed you.

  22. Hi Sister Stella. I like to listen to a lot of teacher online and I clicked on your testimony video and I’ve been listening to your teaching. So powerful, thank you your insight and the great truths that God has put into you that you are sharing. I shared with my friends and we know we’ve been raised for such a time as this and thank you for leading the way you do.
    p.s. the link you shared on the comments sister is not working, I’ll search your site to see another way of checking out the book 🙂

  23. Lavern Young says:

    I am a minister at my church who has been teaching on the tithe I all ways felt that it is not God that curse’s us , but we our self I have prayed and asked God to show me the truth and He brought me to you. I have been trying to order your book Accessing the windows of Heaven but not able to fine it in stores. I look forward to reading your books and thank God for the work he has given you.

  24. Mia says:

    Warm greetings from Namibia Stella. On this day of Yom Kippur I randomly opened my YouTube app and there was the video of your testimony. I can absolutely relate to everything you went through before the curse was reversed and now I am looking forward to a blessed life; walking out Gods plans and purposes for my life. I believe the Lord has pointed your teaching out to me to get revelation of the root of unfruitlessness in my life. I thank Him for the divine connection. Secondly, I facilitate a marketplace network platform for Kingdom business women and want to ask your permission to use your videos in my teaching sessions. I know it is in the public domain, but believe the right thing is to ask you. Hopefully you can visit Namibia soon, God willing, to come and share more with us. Blessings

    1. Thank you for respecting the video enough to ask. I believe the honor we show others becomes seed for the honor that comes back to us. Yes you may use the video in your teachings. Please provide credit by referencing our website and the book on Blessings

  25. D M C says:

    Hello awesome Woman of God. I was logging on Youtube to listen to worship music and seek the Lord, when I saw the title of your message and clicked on it, and was blown away! Simply blown away! Not only because I feel the tugging to start a business but because I can relate and testify of the Lord making a way. It is too long of a story to share, but I have so much inside of me and have published two books, started a youth foundation, ministry, etc. I’m always moving forward, including sowing. There are many things that I am gifted to do , and can do many things, but my issue is wanting clear instructions from God for this season. I’ve been stripped from one town to the other,but determined to be used wherever, I am. It’s tough. My kids and I lost our home, and are fighting right now. I just need God to speak. Please join me in prayer. I’m more than ready to move forward and access all that God has for me.

    1. Hello there Daphney, I know the feeling of having a lot of uncertainty. But God is faithful and he is already speaking to you. Sometimes we just are too busy and dont tune in to HIS voice. I think I found you on facebook. Lets connect. I am working on a few things. Lets connect there. tough times help shape tough people. Blessings Stella

  26. Aldith Hazzart says:

    Thank you. I don’t even know how I stumbled on your video this morning but God is faithful and heard us when we cry.

    1. Yes he is faithful. Blessings Stella

  27. Jacqueline Lee says:

    Hello Stella, I saw your testimony on YouTube and it really hit home. I have had the word of prosperity prophesied over my life since my early twenties and have yet to walk in the fulfillment of it. Paycheck to paycheck and now doing a few hours a day that is only paying $12.00 an hour. I have been seeking God to show me the way to achieve the wealth He has promised me, so the curse of poverty and lack can be broken off of my family for generations to come. I look around and know I am living below where God wants me to be and going to another 9 to 5 has not been the answer for all these years and I know it is not the answer now. I often quote the phrase, I do not want to go back into Egypt, that is how I have come to view the world system of making a living job to job, paycheck to paycheck. I know God has a plan for my life that is far greater than where I am today. Thank you for sharing your testimony

    1. LIke you Jacqueline, I didn’t know that the things I was doing was leading me into breakthrough. I just kept listening for his voice and I followed the steps he spoke to me. For example, I was invited to a mixer where I learned about an entrepreneurial training class. it was $250. I hustled and got the money together and that is where I learned to write business plans. I have used that knowledge over and over. It is not that complex. Holy Spirit SPEAKS. Often it sounds like you talking to yourself. But it is HIM. Have you heard anything like take a class, go to a networking meeting, take a homebuyers class, etc. Ask him to repeat instructions. He will. Make sure you connect with me on Facebook. Blessings

  28. Rebecca King says:

    I saw your testimony on YouTube and it really blessed me! I eventually want to get your book. May God continue to bless you! 🙂

    1. Thank you Rebecca. YOu can download Accessing the windows of heaven from Kindle. There is an app you can put on your phone or computer to read it. The kindle app is free for all devices. Blessings!

  29. Chantal Z. Bourdeau says:

    Praise the Lord for you my sister in Christ Jesus!!!! I came upon one of your video’s on YouTube and it was a Kairos moment. I believe you were sent for such a time as this. Your YouTube video entitled “How God Broke the Curse of Poverty and Lack over My Life — My Testimony” brought tears of joy to my eyes and caused my heart to leap for joy in anticipation that I have found a teacher who can direct me in the right direction. Thank you for being a willing vessel of honor that the Lord is using to bring His people out of a poverty mentality into the mentality of Kingdom of Heaven Wealth…

    I live in Sarasota Florida, and would like to know when you will be coming in or near this area.

    1. Thank you Chantal. I dont have plans to travel to FL at this time. But I will be uploading quite a bit of materials over the next few weeks. YOu can also download the book Accessing the windows of heaven from Kindle. Here Please follow me on Facebook for the latest updates and the fastest responses. Blessings!

  30. Ava Stowers says:

    59 love God, far from Him. Help!

    1. God has a word for you, COME. Just come back home to LOVE. He is there waiting for you. He never moved. YOu are not far. Because HE IS ALWAYS NEAR. YOu can never leave him because you are IN HIM. Come home beloved! The Father is standing with arms wide open waiting just for you. Ps 69:16-18

      16 Hear me, O LORD; for thy lovingkindness is good: turn unto me according to the multitude of thy tender mercies.

      17 And hide not thy face from thy servant; for I am in trouble: hear me speedily.

      18 Draw nigh unto my soul, and redeem it: deliver me because of mine enemies.

      Ps 119:151

      151 Thou art near, O LORD; and all thy commandments are truth.

      Heb 7:19

      19 For the law made nothing perfect, but the bringing in of a better hope did; by the which we draw nigh unto God.

      James 4:8-10

      8 Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.

      9 Be afflicted, and mourn, and weep: let your laughter be turned to mourning, and your joy to heaviness.

      10 Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.

  31. Stella,
    There is not a word(that I know of) to express the thanks and appreciation to God for giving me eyes to see and ears to hear the Word he is ministering through you. So many things you’re saying I have had thoughts, concerns, or ideas that it was the truth or that there was more. I knew what I had been taught for so many years was not satisfying me.
    The Word I’m hearing from you is not just invoking a feeling but it’s a thinking intelligent and spirit-filled Word that is giving me life. I’ve been under the curse unknowingly for years. The example of the heath is so spot on. I am free and looking to live in this new revelation and strategic, deliberate path. I asked God for the sincere milk of his Word and He is delivering it. Thank you Jesus. I donated because I am being fed, I am growing and I align myself with the move of God upon your life in the same areas he is developing me.

    1. Wow! YOu just prophesied to your own future. May God grant you eyes to see where you need to grow and increase your capacity. May he reveal to you the areas where excellence must become your standard. May he show you the problems your life is designed to solve. May you learn to bring life to all you touch with the LOVE of God as the blood flowing through your life. YOu are his beloved. Now may you just BE—-LOVED. NO need to earn it. Just receive it like a baby. YOu will grow rapidly. May your hunger increase with your learning! Blessings

  32. Viv says:

    Thanks Stella,
    Was upon your testimony a couple of weeks ago and shared it with my sisters. Thank you for taking along on your journey.
    Your clutter video really stood out for me. May God continue to bless you as you are a blessing to others. Viv

    1. Hello Viv, Thank you for watching the video. I am so blessed that it has touched so many people. Much more to come so connect with us on facebook where I post or do live videos. Blessings. Stella

  33. Tiffany W. says:

    Hi Stella, I’m a wife and stay at home mom of 3 beautiful kids. I’m seeking for real woman of God to help mentor me while I’m seeking God for my purpose in life. Although I appreciate where I’m at in life. I can sense that God has more for me and I have no one that gets it or understand what I’m trying to say. I feel like I’m all over the place and nothing is lining up. Ive prayed for yrs and God led me to your YouTube channel I have been blessed and learned so much. Can you please email me about mentoring. Thank you for your time!

  34. Marsha says:

    Hello Stella! I’m so glad I “stumbled” across you. It was God leading me for sure. I’m loving your YouTube videos. You are so well spoken and such an excellent teacher. I’m seriously sitting here saying I must read every book and watch every video. I’m so thankful for your obedience to God and that he has used you to speak to me. God bless you!

    1. Hello Marsha, I have written 7 books but only 2 of those are in print at this time. They are The Chayil Woman and She Lives by the river. YOu can order them both on my website. NOw we are going through some site changes So let me know if you have any problems. Stella

  35. LisaB. Dilworth says:

    enjoyed your utube and would like to purchase book.

    1. Hello there Lisa, I emailed you.

  36. Alisa Fowlkes says:

    I just watched your youtube video and OMG it sound so similar to my life.
    Thank you for obeying the Lord. I understand what a curse is now.

    1. Praise God Alisa,
      The insight is eye opening isn’t it. There is much more to come. Please connect with me on Facebook so we can stay in touch. Blessings Stella

  37. Monica Grier says:

    Hello Stella,
    I am very excited about being introduced to you! Though we have not formally met, yet, when I heard your testimony and read this website, Chayil, yes! Definitely me! I pray that you continue to let God use you to reach others around the world. Hopefully, we can meet in person.

    1. Hello Monica, I am honored to meet you. Thank you for your kind words. And yes I would love to connect with you at some point as well. Please go to my Facebook page the Public figure one and share your story in messenger. I would love to see the similarities. thank you for watching my video. Blessings Stella

  38. Kim pendleron says:

    Greetings WOMAN OF GOD… I want you to know that I thank God for you. I must tell you this. For the past years of my life has been challenging for me. I grew up in the Baptist church, I’ve been connected to Good and at the age of 15 I surrendered My life to God. This when My journey began. There has been obstacles and setbacks in My life. Just say a few. My father, mother and sister has went on to be with the lord. The obstacles continued to come. I became a single mother of two handsome young men. As I continued on this journey called life I knew I had to be there for my boys. Pause for a min…. tears of pain/joyful rising. Then a turn came in my life when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. This is when I sought after God because I didn’t want to die and I had to raise my boys. At this time my relationship with God was building stronger and stronger, where the testing of my faith was turning out for my good to where I am today. I filed bankruptcy to save my home, even in that situation there were strong storms. But I continue to run my race. Which leads me to where I am right now, seeking and praying continuously. Today at 5:34am I was awaken from my sleep. I went to the bathroom I sat on the bed. I pick up my phone and saw the alerts of you tube subscribers video updates. I click on one after another. Until I saw your video “How God broke the property off of my life” well I said to myself. I’m going to listen to this. Then remembrance came to me of when I prayed a PRAYER financial breakthrough and how I am a kings daughter. Well sista Stella Payton… as I began to watch and listen to you..i just bust out in tears…i was experiencing another encounter where the Lord is speaking thru you about me… sorry tearing up now!!!… listening to your testimony…brought revelation to me. I want you to know I’m going seek God like never before in tithing, not just get what i want from GOD but to walk into the destiny God has place for me. (Side note..ive been seeking God for answers and he gas been blowing my mind thus far) I am going to SOW by getting yours books and I’m going to share your you tube videos bc I feel in my spirit something great is about to happen in my life and it’s going to blow my mind and I know my life will never be the same. And hopefully one day if GOD allow our path to cross, I want to embrace you with love. I pray that this message reaches you. And the Lord continually bless you in abundance. God bless you.

    1. I emailed you. What a story… Stella

  39. Amirah says:

    Greetings Stella, in the name of Jesus Christ. I wanted to share this with you. 2 days ago I found an anointed video on YT on prosperity confessions. I felt that I should listen to it @ the least, once a day to start renewing my mind. Today my aunt called me with a series of testimonies ab how God has been blessing her & I’m talking ab unusual blessings, out of the ordinary blessings LOL. This evening a pastor Im subbed to on YT had a live session ( I tuned in) & it was about finding your purpose so you can fulfill your God-given destiny. A little while after that I’m watching some worship videos on YT, crying & thanking God because He IS so so good to me. When I clicked off the last video your video ab your testimony of how God broke poverty & lack off your life was in my suggestions (amongst other videos) so with a title like that IT CAUGHT MY ATTENTION. I watched it, it convicted my heart. Currently I am unemployed (approx. 5 months), had an interview today for a job paying the least amount of money I have made since I don’t know when. I’m sleeping on my oldest daughter’s couch every night…just to give you an idea of my situation LOL. Anyway, I know this is God’s divine timing for my life. Although, i know I can’t even survive off of what that job starts off at, part-time at that if I get it. I said I would trust God. Ive cried out to God on many occasions, for YEARS about how I want to be financially free but after this series of events these last 2 day I believe God is throwing me a life-line. I never heard of you b4 tonight but God kept you tucked away until I was ready for that powerful Word you came with in 2011 i believe it was LOL HE IS WORTHY OF ALL THE PRAISE, ALL THE GLORY IT ALL BELONGS TO HIM. I thank God for your life my dear sister. May God continue to bless you & your fam & open greater doors for you in this NEW season in your life.

    1. Dont despise the day of small beginnings! How did the interview go?

  40. Glenda Williams says:

    Hello, my name is Glenda. I was searching through You Tube and ran across your video. You talked about tithing. It blessed my spirit. I will be ordering your book, and following you on You Tube. You are truly a blessing to God’s people. Thank you.

    1. Blessings Glenda, Thank you for connecting.

  41. Erica says:

    Good Morning to You Woman of God, your video literally popped up out of nowhere on my YouTube feed and I so needed to hear it. I’ve listened for the second time this morning and apparently, I’m at my hour of visitation from the Lord. I’m a faithful tither, I sow and I give, yet I’m currently living paycheck to paycheck, and here lately, I’ve been behind in bills, late on mortgage payments. Working a job that is unfulfilling, yet when I apply for other job opportunities, I’m overlooked. God has given me some ideas but I don’t know the strategies and I don’t have the resources to even begin. If I am missing God, I need to figure out how to connect to his mind so that I won’t miss him anymore. I can’t afford any more delays.

    1. Hello Erica,

      I know how you feel. I just posted a short video about this very question. It is called knowing where to start. Watch that video follow the instructions and then message me on Facebook if you still have questions. Blessings

  42. Elouise Mack says:

    I came across your testimonial video on YouTube tonight, Sept. 14th and was so inspired that I listened to the others on Accessing Wealth as well as Becoming Chayil Woman. I am so grateful that you explained Malachi 3:6 for I have had a problem with “ye are cursed with a curse…” for long time. Your teachings came at an opportune time as I’ve just experience Hurricane Irma (she had winds of 180-185 MPH, which is beyond a category 5) which devastated the island where I live, St. Thomas, U. S. Virgin Islands. Although I personally did not sustain any damages, all around me is destruction. I took your advice and downloaded Assessing Wealth and will devour it (I love to read). Listening to you, I will return to Patricia King (have a couple of her books and am on mailing list). You are what I need at this point in my life. Thank You

    1. I messaged you on facebook. Blessings

  43. Ebony Miles says:

    Hello Stella,
    I thank God for allowing me to find your testimony on YouTube. It’s very encouraging and inspiring. I have decided to move forward and finish the book the Lord has given me confirmation after confirmation to write. I have had many hindrances that have come my way to get me off focus,but I refuse to give up. I believe that the Lord will set me up with the right people to do all of what I need to do to reach my destiny. I also thank God for how you explained the scriptures in Malachi 3:8-9 and Jeremiah 17:5. It all is a blessing to me. I really believe it was meant for me to see your testimony in this hour. I hope that we can maybe chat sometimes on messenger if and when you are able. Take care and have a blessed night.
    Ebony Miles

    1. Hello Ebony, I would love to connect with you on facebook. Go to my public figure page. Tell me more about your book! Blessings Stella

  44. Jasmin Farnum says:

    I stumbled into this place by faith. God has a confirming word in mouth that blessed my entire being. I live New Jersey. I just now subscribed to you on Facebook and YouTube. Amen Sister Stella Amen. Thanking and Glorifying our Father for your obedience and fearless to labor in His vineyard.

    1. Thank you , we will connect! Stella

  45. Margie says:

    Wow! I just discovered your YouTube channel, and I feel so blessed to have done so. I see myself as a warrior even before seeing your channel,but I am not where I want or need to be. Yes, I subscribed, and yes, I will be ordering the bracelets.

    1. Margie! Thank you so much! I am so blessed when people are encouraged by what God gives me to share. And it would be my honor for you to wear a Chayil Bracelet! Thank you for connecting.

  46. Karen M. Frazier says:

    I’ve been truly blessed by all of your videos on YouTube. I thank God for you. I truly believe that the timing couldn’t have been better. I’m tired of the financial struggles that’s been going on too long. I really need God to use you to coach me up out of this debt.
    May God continue to bless you.
    Karen M. Frazier

    1. Wow Karen, I have begun a multi-part series based on the video. You can see the first part tonight. I an asking God for wisdom and insight into what to share each session. I pray that it blesses and empowers you to grow and change. Stella

      1. Ann Zackery says:

        i love u i’m learning so much from u

        1. Praise God! More to come!

  47. Roslin cone says:

    You simply a big inspiration, I’m happy I find this page.i keep praying and asking God for the right connection people to inspire me help me to find my purpose and distiny and I’m sure I find the one.

    1. Roslin, Thank you May you be filled with the wisdom of God and may he connect your to divine strategic alliances that will support your growth and development in Jesus name. STella

  48. Natalie says:

    So I just watched your video. How God broke the curse of my life!

    All I know is there is a message on your message for me!
    I pray for boldness to move in the direction I think I’m supposed to be in!
    I feel like I’m mumbuling!
    Thank you. I’ll be listening over and over until I get it!

    1. Praise God Natalie,

      He hears you and knows what you need. He will provide you with what you need to grow and mature. Keep listening to the videos already on my page. More are coming. Blessing on you. Stella

  49. Evelyn Tisdale says:

    oh my word, your testimony really blessed my life. I am so glad that I came upon you video. Please stay with God and let him continue use you mighty. I look forward to receiving your book of Accessing the Windows of Heaven very soon. Thank You So Much.

    1. Thank you Evelyn, That is my prayer and desire to stay tied to HIM and to keep my finger on the pulse of God’s heart. The book Accessing the Windows of Heaven is in rewrite stage for 2018. Hope to be finished with it by christmas time. Please pray for me.

  50. Ashley Seabrian says:

    Hello Mrs, Payton,

    Your testimony was a recommendation to me by way of YouTube. I’ve been looking at your teachings and trainings for the last few days. You have both confirmed and inspired me greatly. I have received downloads, ideas, and projects. I’ve been researching, networking, and doing what I can with limited resources. I’ve going through download after download waking up in the middle of the night writing. He has sent random people to me to confirm what he has shown me. I began to pray and ask God for strategy. I said, ” Lord you’ve given me so much to do. How do I begin to do this? I need a strategy. Lord help me to manifest what you promise. How do I balance things?” Then here you come in my notifications. I’ll tell you I’ve been working on a book of short stories, a community development company dealing with transition, and the Lord has given me a conference to hold as well. I feel overloaded, but it is time for results. I have had my first public speaking event last month. I’d like to connect with you if it is possible. I believe that you were an answer to my prayers on how to get a strategy, organize, and balance all God has destined for me. I will be getting your book. I hope to hear from you soon.



    1. Praise God Ashley, I know that feeling of being overwhelmed wondering what step to take. One truth that guides my life is when I need to activate movement, I need to 1) change information , 2) Change people, and/or 3) change my location. When I do one of more of these three things my ability to see and make progress increases. Also check your current strategic alliances. To activate momentum you also need to release your “Lots” Lot was abraham’s nephew. His name means veil or covering. Sometimes the people you love dearly will blind you to what you need to see so you can move forward. That just came to me as I was writing. Blessings. Connect with me on facebook. Blessings

  51. Amy Pheasant says:

    Hi, ran across your YouTube video n felt led to contact u for prayer. I gave u my email address if God leads u to call me n pray for me email me n I will give u my phone number. God bless

    1. Hello Amy, I am not able to call and pray with people but if you message me what you need prayer for. I will ask Holy Spirit if there is insight I need to share with you and I will. HOly Spirit is the ultimate counselor, it is his insight you need. In fact I wll go as far to say that God is going to give yo insight directly from Holy Spirit this month. In Jesus Name. Blessing, Stella

  52. Deandra Poythress says:

    I came across your testimony on youtube and I must say that while watching your video, I just felt so empowered to get up and continue working on the idea that God has given me for several books. As I listened to you today, I felt a bubbling in my guts and I knew that it was not by mistake that I came across that video. Thank you for sharing. Below is a link to a poetic piece I wrote for a social work magazine but God is calling me deeper and you inspired me to move forward!

    1. Bless you Deandra. Keep writing. Your words will flow from your intimacy with God. He wants to engage with you. There will be a fire upon your words as you connect with his divine presence. That fire will ignite the presence of God in sudden and powerful ways. Bless you. YOu are just getting started. Stella

  53. Sharon locke says:

    I know it was the Lord lead me to listen to your youtube on broken curse. I have a monthly income that comes monthly, but it is from me adopting my family members, i have listen to people telling me that i shoild not tithe from that monthly money because it not work wages, but i listen to you on broken curse, The Lord entrusted me with the money to do right, and now i see it all belongs to the Lord, and i should tithe from it

    1. Precious Sharon, God is faithful. Make sure you watch the video Sow where you eat. It iwll gove you direction about where and how to give. Blessings Stella

  54. Sheila Arrington says:

    Ms. Payton you will never believe this, but I ran across you on YouTube yesterday because I have become convicted of not paying tithes. I knew that I had to start paying them, but have been like, Lord it’s not in my budget “yet”, but nevertheless, I felt God was tugging at me to pay them so He can open more doors for me, also it’s what my pastor teaches. So this morning I woke up determined to sacrifice to pay my tithes, and then something told me to go to your website and look for your book, even though yesterday I didn’t think about buying it, because your message was sufficient. Anyway I went to your site and saw you had sold out of the book; as I started reading the comments I saw the book was on kindle, so I downloaded the sample and as I’m reading the introduction of the companies you’ve worked with, I see one that’s familiar and I’m like, that is “blank’s” company and I work with them now, then I turn to the second page and see the churches you have worked with and I’m like wow!!! That’s my church!!!…Anyway that is my confirmation of my conviction to start paying my tithes now and the fact I need to buy your book, which I will be doing as soon as I finish this post…. sorry for the long post and I hope it’s not too much information, but I just had to share that.

    1. WOW! Sheila! YOU have my curiosity peaked! Message me on facebook and tell me the rest of the story!!! I also would love to know the company and the church. Blessings Stella

  55. Shirley says:

    I really enjoyed reading your resourceful information.I also had a change to listen to your testimony.Eveything ,in your testimony really hit home for me.What ,I enjoyed the most in your testimony is your obedience to God,a lot of times we don’t listen and obey God,an we truly miss our blessings.I can truly say ,I really enjoyed your testimony and I am also making adjustments in my life and I want to do what God,is asking .I try to obey and allow him to lead me ; I’m not perfect and God,is still dealing with me but I know when he’s finished with me ,I will be a power house for his kingdom.Please keep teaching and being that positive example that we all need.May God,continue to bless you in all you do.Thank you for being the woman of God,that you are .If no one else tells you this ,I tell you this from my heart you are truly a blessing to someone like me that is struggling in my spiritual life ; not truly sure which way to go at times but keep my mind and heart focused on God.Thank you .

    1. Precious Shirley, thank you so much for your kind words. I am so grateful when people are blessed by what God gives me. I don’t take it for granted and I pray that God gives you clarity and direction in how to manifest that POWERHOUSE that is inside of you. YOu will become everything you were created to be and you will do all that God created you to do in Jesus name. Stella

  56. Cadetric Walker says:

    We Are In Great Need Of Spiritual, Corageous And Rebellious Leaders Like Yourself To Be The Example That Life Goes On Inspite Of What Happens.

    1. Thank you. Cadetric.

  57. Sonya Williamson says:

    Hello Stella everyday I pray and ask God’s guidance in what I read and do. On Sept 2, 2017 I was in need of a word and I know that it was God whom led me to you I listened to your Testimony and I was so moved by it and I knew that was what I was supposed to hear on that day and at that time. Your testimony opened my eyes to so many things in the kingdom of God and it’s caused me to live a different way and to go back to my tithing faithfully. Thank you for your obedience to God.

    1. Hello Sonya, I am sorry that I just saw this. But thank you for your kind words. I am so glad that God touched your heart and let you know how much he wants to connect with you. It truly is about his having a ongoing relationship with us. Everything He does is relational. Please connect with me on facebook if you have not already I would love to see what God does through your life. Blessings precious One! Stella

  58. Cheing Winston says:

    Hello Ms. Payton I have many great idea from God and would love to speak with you. As I have a similar testimony and need just a gentle nudge to get my destiny in play. or 443-473-8200

    Blessing to you

    Cheing Winston

    1. Hello Cheing, Although I do coach on a limited basis, I do not take calls or make calls without having more information. Actually Holy spirit know what we all need. So if you will message me your prayer request and your story on my facebook public figure page. I will pray and see if Holy Spirit gives me any insight to share with you I will do so. As I launch more training materials I will post them on facebook and youtube. Thank you for your interest. Blessings Stella

  59. Charisse Nelsoen says:

    Hello Simply Stella, My name is Charisse Nelsoen and I listened to your testimony of how God Broke the Curse of Poverty off your life! And I so want that for my life!!!! You just Dont know how MUCH!!!

    1. Hello Charisse, God wants that life for you as much as you do. Did you watch the other videos. I Uploaded individual ones that break down the topics. Please watch those and connect with me on facebook If you have more questions. Blessings Stella

  60. Dandrea Graves says:

    I need your book, your U TUbe message really spoke to me about getting out of debt.

    1. Hello Dandrea! Thank you for your message. Unfortunately the Original copies of Accessing the Windows of heaven have sold out. However, my latest book she lives by the River is a continuation of Jeremiah 17:5. It picks up at verse 8. It is an 8 week bible study. Here is more information on that. Yes there are still books available and you can order them here. She Lives by the River Workbook simply make your donation for $25 for the workbook and bracelet. I am working on a class right now for Accessing the Windows of heaven. Since the original version sold out. I am trying to update it for 2018 AS FAST AS I CAN! Please pray for me. If you connect with me on Facebook that is how I keep in touch with everyone and I post videos there as well. Thank yo again.

      1. Sonya Williamson says:

        Will you be getting more copies of the book made

        1. Hello Sonya, I am actually updating it for 2018. I hope to have it ready by christmas. Just got to clear my space and mind so I can write. Pray for me as I reorganize my space. Trusting God for clarity and focus! Blessings!

  61. Jackie Howard says:

    I know it was God that wanted me to see your YouTube message. Thank you I need your book I dont do Kindle looking for a book in hand, how can I get a book in my hand.

    1. Hello Jackie. Accessing the Windows of Heaven hard copies are sold out. But you can read any book on kindle with the free kindle app on your phone or desktop.
      Here is the link. Hope that helps. My latest book She lives by the River is the continuation of Jeremiah 17:5-7. This bible study picks up where the testimony leaves off. You can get it for a Donation of $25 and it comes with a Chayil Bracelet. Here is that link. Hope one of these resources helps.

  62. Rosalind says:

    Hi Ms. Payton this morning I got up said prayer and I told the Lord Jesus Christ please forgive me for all my sins. I said Lord I don’t have any money to pay the bill collectors. And I was just looking at my home page on YouTube and came across you. What a blessing how the Lord will hear and put you were He wants you to be. On tithing. One thing God has palace in my heart is to do health minister, but I need to get myself right and that is obeying and trusting in God for who He is and not being afraid. I thank you for your testimony.

    1. I often say that whenever God gets ready to take you into a new direction, he will lead you to NEW INFORMATION, NEW VOICES AND NEW STRATEGIC RELATIONSHIPS. Perhaps I am one of these three for you. I pray that he gives you continued direction and clarity. Blessing Rosalind.

  63. Danyell Woodrow says:

    Hello I’m Danyell Woodrow and want to break free of the proverty circle need that balance.

    1. I pray that God give you wisdom through good relationships that can help you get the guidance you need. I want you to read this passage from scripture every day for 1 month. Read it first in the morning when you wake up and read it last thing at night when you go to bed. YOu have already been set free from the curse. Galatians 3:10-14The Message (MSG)

      9-10 So those now who live by faith are blessed along with Abraham, who lived by faith—this is no new doctrine! And that means that anyone who tries to live by his own effort, independent of God, is doomed to failure. Scripture backs this up: “Utterly cursed is every person who fails to carry out every detail written in the Book of the law.”

      11-12 The obvious impossibility of carrying out such a moral program should make it plain that no one can sustain a relationship with God that way. The person who lives in right relationship with God does it by embracing what God arranges for him. Doing things for God is the opposite of entering into what God does for you. Habakkuk had it right: “The person who believes God, is set right by God—and that’s the real life.” Rule-keeping does not naturally evolve into living by faith, but only perpetuates itself in more and more rule-keeping, a fact observed in Scripture: “The one who does these things [rule-keeping] continues to live by them.”

      13-14 Christ redeemed us from that self-defeating, cursed life by absorbing it completely into himself. Do you remember the Scripture that says, “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree”? That is what happened when Jesus was nailed to the cross: He became a curse, and at the same time dissolved the curse. And now, because of that, the air is cleared and we can see that Abraham’s blessing is present and available for non-Jews, too. We are all able to receive God’s life, his Spirit, in and with us by believing—just the way Abraham received it.

      Blessings. Connect with me on Facebook and let me know about your progress.


  64. Stella Jumoke Biodun-Kuti says:

    Hi there, stumbled on your YouTube video last night (It was a word in season) and was wondering how to get whatever I missed on ‘Becoming Chayil’ .

    1. Hello there the videos are posted on youtube and on my facebook page. Stella Payton. thanks for connecting

      1. Rasheda Cage says:

        Hello Mrs. Stella, I would like to ask you a few questions. I viewed your youtube testimony and I have a few questions. Could you email me at thanks so much.

        1. I emailed you

  65. Debbie Davis says:

    I too have gone thru the storm that I’ve really not shared yet. I know God has a plan for me. I want to become Chayil.

    1. YOu already are CHAYIL He who has begun a work in you will be faithful to complete it. God is faithful.

  66. Alfie Harry says:

    Praise God,

    I stumbled across your you tube channel, my name is Alfie Harry I am a Pastor of New Destiny Ministry, I would love to have you speak at our Financial conference coming up in 2018,

    1. Hello Alfie, I sent you an email. Let me know you got it.

  67. Danita Stevens says:

    I have ABSOLUTELY no idea how I came across a YouTube of you giving your testimony but nonetheless I am eternally grateful for the DIVINE connection☝️

    1. Amen Danita! What stood out to you most please share your story

  68. Marivel says:

    Thank you.

    1. YOu are so welcome!

  69. Edwin Ingram says:

    I thank you so much for the chayil i heard today i tuned into your 2011 youtube video and now your Web page. I am stuck trying to hear the voice of God and what he wants me to do !!!

    1. 3 questions…
      What do you want to do?
      What has he told you to do that you know for sure was his voice?
      What was the last instruction you know came from God but you have not followed through on yet?

  70. Charlesetta Pollard says:

    I would like to give something

    1. Hello Charlesetta, Thank you for your desire to sow a seed (if I understand you correctly) You can make a donation on this website under the button DONATION. We appreciate your desire to support the message. Thank you again! Stella

  71. After hearing your awesome testimony on YouTube, I was inspired to do something different. I also want to break the back of poverty. I also live in Southern California and is in need of a change. Just best ng a minister is not enough, I need him more than one day a week…Father save me again…Amen

    1. Amen I agree. May the lord lead you into greater truth for your life, may he give you clarity of purpose and may your efforts be fruitful. May you get results that brings God Glory, You good and others Blessing! Stella

  72. Leti says:

    Good evening,

    How do I learn about the project to bring back Making People A Priority/The Customer Service Academy?

    1. I am working on that right now. We are looking at 3 cities for our return pilot.I emailed you

  73. Toni Johnson says:

    Bless you, Ms. Payton!

    God led me to your testimony–Hallelujah. Please let me know how to purchase your book. Amazon offers the Kindle version, but I’d prefer the paper copy.

    Thank you so much for sharing what God has taught you.

    1. Hello Toni, Thank you for your message. Unfortunately the Original copies of Accessing the Windows of heaven have sold out. However, my latest book she lives by the River is a continuation of Jeremiah 17:5. It picks up at verse 8. It is an 8 week bible study. Here is more information on that. Yes there are still books available and you can order them here. She Lives by the River Workbook simply make your donation for $25 for the workbook and bracelet. I am working on a class right now for Accessing the Windows of heaven. Since the original version sold out. I am trying to update it for 2018 AS FAST AS I CAN! Please pray for me. If you connect with me on Facebook that is how I keep in touch with everyone and I post videos there as well. Thank you again.

  74. Erika says:

    Hello Simply Stella,
    Thank you so much for your testimony on YouTube. I “stumbled” across it, but really it was the divine delivery of an answer to a prayer from a heart desperate for complete change in every area of my life, starting with finances. Please add me to your mailing list.

    1. Hello Erika,

      Believe it or not, I dont have a mailing list right now. I am sure that will come at some point. But the best way to connect with me is either here on my website or even better on my Public Figure Facebook page. If there is something specific that you are having a challenge with message me and I will be happy to see if I have any resources that could help you! Blessings

  75. Sandra says:

    I believe this is what I am missing from life to get a better understanding of who my Father is and also to get to know me. I thank you for letting God use you.

    1. The best ministry for helping me settle into my identity in Christ was hands down Graham Cooke Here is one of my favorite sermons about identity.

  76. Natalan Jackson says:

    I was truly inspired by your YouTube video.

    1. Praise God. Thank you

  77. Britney J says:

    Stella I just watched your testimony on YouTube listen all I want is to hear your voice so I can share something with you PLEASE.. I am 29years old single mother and I just need some encouragement

    1. I emailed you

  78. Kim Dixon says:

    It’s amazing how God works. As I arrived at work this morning I tap on YouTube as I normally do to listen to my morning inspiration…… and your testimony popped up. God placed in my heart to start The Unmasked Generation in which I am currently laying the foundation for. I don’t play about paying my tithe. God has been so good to me but I feel in my spirit that there’s more. I’ve been comfortable in the business I have now but I feel a pull to really step out on faith with doing kingdom business. I’m a lil nervous… but I keep chanting God I trust you! Thank you for sharing You testimony

    1. Hi Kim! I read your post and thought Do I have the blog post for you. This quote stood out in my mind “What are you losing the grace for right now, and what are you becoming passionate about?” Here is the blog

    2. Kim Dixon says:

      Thank you for your suggestion. I’m reading it now!!!!

  79. Hi ,
    I ran across your testimony of how God broke the curse of poverty off your life by mistake (not by mistake). I will never be the same again. Thank you for being transparent. I am in that “salt land” you described. I am a giver, a sower and a tither but I find myself always thirsty for more. Always reaching and never quite getting there. When you were breaking down the scripture about the curse in Jeremiah something began to break in my understanding. “God does not curse me” Wow but I can curse myself. I can’t explain it all of what just happened to me but I just wanted to say God bless you for sharing and thank you so much for your obedience.

    Eternally Changed,

    Tammie J Traylor

  80. Loretta says:

    What a mighty God we serve. How I landed on your YouTube video is really odd. I was watching some episodes of a singing talent show, and had closed my app and went to sleep. So, when I went to click on the app again, your video was there, and I decided to watch it. You have an amazing testimony and I pray that the body of Christ will embrace the heartfelt words of your testimony and trust God even when their prospects look bleak.
    You are sincerely an affective and effective blessing to the body of Christ and beyond.
    May God richly bless and prosper you and add to your success. God first…. St. Matthew 6:33

    1. Wow thank you for those words of encouragement and blessing. I am truly inspired by them. Gratefully His, Stella

  81. Grace says:

    Yes I would like help to start business been praying to God and waiting on a answer taught for 3 years in Africa. I taught English and Geography then moved to London and not living like I should need some ideas on what to do. Please explain Mal 3:9 -10 again for me.

    1. Hello Grace!
      Although I cant explain it for you again here one on one. I am planning on doing some more teaching on the subject, Please stay in touch with mo on facebook or youtube. MOre coming soon! Thank you for connecting. Stella

  82. Tanja Hoffman says:


    1. Hello Tanja, Thanks for stopping by! Stella

  83. Teresa Lammey says:

    Wow, I have watched your testimony on YouTube 3 times. ( it takes me a while to get it) I do believe that is my season and it was not by accident that I stumbled upon your testimony . I will be looking for your book, as well as looking forward to hearing from you. God bless

    1. Hello Teresa,
      I hear you. sometimes I listen to sermons 40 to 50 times. Every time I hear something I never noticed before. I have two books in print right now. Chayil Woman and She Lives by the River. Both relate to much of what I talk about in the video. I am trying to get my head wrapped around rewriting accessing the Windows of heaven. And I have another book due out in January Financial Acceleration. So much on my plate. But God knew that. So He got this and me. books available here in the store. If you connect with me on facebook or instagram you can keep up with what I am doing if that interest you! Thank you for watching. Stella

  84. David Maina says:

    Hello Stella,,am David from Nairobi Kenya,so inspired by your testimony in born again Christian ,I love Jesus as my personal savor .you have touched my heart Stella ,and am going through stuffs I hope we shall talk more through mail ,God bless you the Woman of God.

    1. Praise God. YOu can connect on face book for our online bible study. MOnday Nights 8:15 Central Standard Time. Blessings

  85. paula patrick says:

    Loved your messsge about breaking the curse! I need the book! Where can I get it?

    1. Thanks for connecting! Sent you information by email!

    2. Thanks for connecting! Sent you information by email! Stay in touch!

  86. Precious Moore says:

    Hello. I was so blessed by your testimony. I would love to read your book, Accessing The Windows of Heaven but, I don’t have a kindle. Is there another way to purchase the book?

    1. Thanks for connecting! Sent you information by email!

  87. Anne says:

    Hi Stella,

    I felt so blessed when I listened to your testimony “How God Broke the Curse of Poverty Over My Life.” I truly believe that when I get in position, God will give me a million dollar idea that will bless the Kingdom of God

    1. Hello Annie. I visited your blog and I extend my highest respect to you. Educators are remarkable people and I salute your efforts to develop healthy minds and bodies in our children. You already have a million dollar idea. Like an acorn, it takes time, nurturing and cultivation to watch it grow into an oak tree. Ask God for wisdom in cultivating the ideas we already have. Blessings. Stella

  88. Conrad Branch says:

    So taken with your YouTube-accessing the windows but I can’t locate where I can purchase the book. Can you help me Please

    1. Hello Conrad. I emailed you instructions. Make sure it did not land in your spam folder. Blessings.

  89. Duncan Tendai Mambera says:

    I just love this article, has given me a good lecture and have opened up my scope! Thank you.

    1. YOu are so welcome Duncan. Thank you for reading!

  90. Hello, Stella,
    I just obtain a project that God placed on my heart for ministry outreach. Since, working on my project, running into stumbling blocks and need to break the the spirit of lack to move forwarded. This is first project of outreach program. I am praying for God show me what directions to go. Any advice can you share? Sheila

    1. Hello Sheila. I responded to you by email.

  91. Zandrea Turner says:

    I heard your testimony and I know I was lead to the testimony by no one but God. I had been crying out to God most of the day….. I bless God for allowing you to share. Be blessed!

  92. Alexis Bryan says:

    I truly believe God allowed me to come across your youtube video speaking on “Breaking the curse of poverty” to show me a sign of what I am doing wrong. I am a 28 year old women with a handsome 4 year old son. Since the age of 18 I have had financial problems. At the age of 15 I found out I had a brain malfunction. This condition I feel has been somewhat of a reason I am unable to keep a job and grow within a company. This has caused me to feel low about myself. However, I do have some income coming in and by me tuning into your video and actually “listening” and taking note. I believe God is allowing me to struggle financially not because I am considered mentally handicap but for not paying my tilthes and offering. I guess because I am scared to have $0 to my name and lose my car and other things. But you have truly blessed me with your testimony. I now know what is required of me. Thank you so much Mrs. Stella Payton. You are truly God sent.

    Ps: Do you have an email address that I can write you to about questions that I may have?

    1. The best way to connect with me is through my public figure Facebook page. I cant promise that I can respond to all messages. But I do receive them and I answer when I can. Ok??? Blessings!

  93. Stephanie says:

    wow!!!! I couldn”t contain the blood flowing into my heart as i yelled Eureka!!! i am so blessed by the youtube video on breaking the curse of poverty. may God bless you real good. i will listen to it again and again. I am so grateful.

    1. Praise God Stephanie! I am still amazed how many people are being blessed by that video. I was just sharing my heart on the subject. I am thinking of doing an online class about the topic. Would you be interested? And if so, what would you be willing to pay for such a class that lasted about 4 – 8 weeks. 1 hour each session? How many weeks would you like to do the class? 4 weeks? 6 Weeks? Longer? I appreciate your feedback!

      1. So sister Stella I think you should do a lesson on breaking poverty. Thinking for 4 to six weeks would be sufficient. I’m not sure the amount you should charge I was thinking maybe about 100, 150 including the materials. The anointing is definitely on the video that’s what draws me to the rest of your message. People are looking for how to break poverty. I see you also have some information on what the ttihes does so that will be a great segue into doing your lessons on poverty breaking it down maybe even making it more simplified but those not used of meat. I would like to be one of your participants. Blessings be upon you continuously paece multiply.

  94. Angela says:

    Hello Stella, I’m writing from London in England. Just wanted to let you know that your testimony on youtube really inspired me. I was in a similar situation to yours and now you have challenged me to seize this as an opportunity to creative and live beyond pay cheque to pay cheque. I’m working my way through the rest of your material and will keep in touch. Keep up the good work. God bless you!

    1. Praise God Angela! I am so honored that people are blessed by what God is doing in my life! May you continue to progress on your journey with HIM!

  95. Mary Jane Patton. Monday-#21. Tuesday -#64

    1. Hello Mary Jane! Now I see where you put this. Sorry I was not there the final night. The weather was stormy just as service was beginning and I did not want to drive those dark roads in the storm alone. Blessings. I hope to see you again! Stella

  96. McGerald Mvula says:

    Hi Stella
    I listened to your testimony on how God broke the curse of poverty. I have been in employment and risen to management level but not satisfied. I’m in ministry but believe I can do better.
    Your testimony has made me believe there’s more to be done and I am equipped.
    My dream is to go into consultancy and go to another level in my ministry.

    1. That is awesome! Usually when God gives you a snapshot of what your life can produce, he gives you steps of instructions along with that image. What is God showing you as your first step in that direction?

  97. Sharonturner says:

    Hello sister friend can not find your books need them please give directions ps sister got to get it back

    1. you can order them here… just go to the bookstore.

  98. please put me on the mailing list, dearest Stella! Love you!

    1. It is Done! Let me know if you receive my latest posts. Love and Blessings!

  99. lola says:

    Hi Stella,I was down and out until the lord led me to watch your video on youtube that’s how God broke the curse of poverty over my really brought an end to my u am a mother of 2,a dental therapist in Ghana,i desire to set up my own practice and resign from my current job.i don’t have money in my savings and currently on loans so i can’t access any do i go about it?

  100. Connie Parkovich says:

    I had the devine pleasure to be washed in the beauty of Stella’s voice on 4/18/15 at the Women on the Front Lines Chicago Conference. The frequency/sound that came from Stella’s voice and resonated through my body to the core of my being was so healing. My whole body responded to the frequency. I could feel it inside of me. It was amazingly beautiful. I heard sounds from Stella I had never heard before. It was truly a devine encounter. Stella you have found your voice in the church. The body of believers will be blessed, strengthened and healed by your gift. To God be the glory.

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