7 Facets of Chayil

7 Facets of  Chayil   

Like a well-cut diamond, we all have many sides.  Each side exposes a fresh perspective of who we are and what we carry. Some of our sides are hidden for years but when they manifest, the world is blessed by the brilliance we release. It takes time to explore all the pieces that compose you. And often, we only see the surface of a person and never look deeply enough to truly discover who they are. That is why we will take time to explore and discover each facet. We will work to understand all the dimensions of Chayil.  Finally, we must communicate that understanding effectively to others. In doing so, we invite them to honor the gift that we are.

Discovering Who I Am…

My story…

I was born to talk, sing and write (in that order). I first spoke in front of an audience when I was around 4. I wrote my first song at 6 years old. I started writing poetry around 12 and books as a young adult.  All three of these gifts are passionate expressions of me. I love crafting thoughts and putting together puzzles of ideas. But that is me, simply Stella.

I share my story in hope that it encourage you. These pages reflect parts of my own metamorphosis as a CHAYIL WOMAN WARRIOR. I have evolved.  And I am still growing. Our questions create a roadmap for the journey. They help us define who we are and why we are here. I shared my story, now what about yours? Here are some questions to start you on that journey.

What about you?

I pray that you be motivated and inspired. May you find joy and renewed sense of passion for life, love for your work and that your days on this planet truly matter in the eternal scheme of things. 

As Chayil Warriors, we answer these questions with clarity and focus.

 What are my Virtues?

What are my Values?

What is my Vision?

What is my Passion?    

What is my Purpose?

The Chayil Warrior

occupy my territory

Chayil  — The Warrior

2 Peter 1:3-4 says, “as His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue, 4 by which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature…” NKJV

A Chayil warrior has certain rights, privileges, and promises. But if we do not know what they are and how to access them, they are useless to us. And so it becomes my responsibility to understand how to OCCUPY and POSSESS what belongs to me.

To be effective against the opposition, a CHAYIL warrior must know…

How large is my Territory?

What is my Authority?

What is my Purpose?

How extensive is my Power?

What is my Strategy?

Who are my Strategic Alliances?

The Chayil Worshiper


Chayil  — The Worshiper

There was no greater desire of the Father than that we should be like HIM. We become like what we worship. Thus, in the place of worship, we are transformed into the likeness of the one we adore. It is an awesome process that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and in AWE. He is the God of AWE. 


What constitutes my Hunger?

What is in my Heart?

What is the strength of my Humility?

Who am I Listening to?

What is my History With God?

The Chayil Wealth 


Chayil Woman’s 7 Facets — The Wealth

Deuteronomy 8:18 says that it is the Lord who gives us power to get wealth that we may establish God’s covenant in the earth. There are 9 resources required to establish wealth. The first of those resources is “me.” It is my soundness of mind and body. Beyond that, a Chayil woman must realize that to establish a covenant requires a budget which can sustain buildings, land and support the people who need them. This is needed to spread the gospel. So it is no coincident that one of the meanings of the Hebrew word “Chayil” is wealth. Health is a resource. Wealth is a resource. It includes the following.

To build wealth, we must master learning to manage…

My Health as My Wealth  

 My Job / Self-Employment

My Business / Investments  

My  Income Streams  

 My Land / Real Estate

My Contributions

The Chayil Wisdom 


Chayil  —  Wisdom

Wisdom is more than counseling. It is more than applying sound advice to the issues of life. Wisdom includes the components of connectivity, creativity and cunning problem-solving.


My Counsel

My Counselors

My Connections

My Creativity

My Customer Service


The Chayil Spouse


Chayil  — Spouse

Marriage takes more than love. To arrive at a successful union requires much more than a beautiful wedding. It demands an awareness of the Laws of Covenant. It demands the unwavering commitment to one’s spouse and the lifelong decision to serve others as you serve God.

An effective marriage requires extensive relational skills that empower you to easily navigate between your family life and connect it with the community your family is a part of.

My Home

My Spouse

My Children

My Church

My Community



The Chayil –Word


Chayil  — The Word

There is a process to grow in knowledge. As the Word of God grows inside a person, change and transformation happen. If we do not understand the process of inner WORD formation that takes us from information to manifestation, there will be gaps in what we are able to create in the earth. Where those gaps exist, we will lose time and energy. Getting the word in your heart is a process. There is more to hiding the word in my heart that memorizing it. There is more to comprehending the WORD than confessing it. I must learn to move the word along the progression with intentionally and our manifestations will greatly increase.

My Information

My Illumination

My Revelation

My Activation

My Manifestation

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