Favor Follows Focus

Favor Follows FocusIt has been an incredible week in Phoenix with Women on the Frontline. I have been encouraged. I have been inspired. I have been challenged and even rebuked. (in a good way) This week has served to remind me most of who I am in Christ. It has sparked a fresh reminder of the favor of God on my life. When you are in the heat of battle, it is easy at times to forget who and what you are fighting for. It is important to remember that God is fighting with and for you. And it is his favor on our lives that keeps us in position to experience victory. This must be our constant focus in battle.  Why…

Because favor follows focus. Focus empowers favor. Favor is about proclamation. It’s about confession. God gives you a promise and you confess it back to him. Then you declare the promise in the midst of your circumstances. And anytime the enemy shows up you proclaim the promises to him. You remind him, “this is what God said to me.” You say to the enemy, this promise is greater than anything you can do.

1. You confess to God, lord this is what you said to me.

You declare to your circumstances this is who God is to me.

And you proclaim to the enemy this is what the Lord has promised me. This promise is the Lord’s deliverance to me from you and all of your effects.

Favor always follows focus. It’s really important that you have of these three things in front of you.
1. You have confession within you.
2. You have a declaration in the atmosphere.
3. You have proclamation before the enemy.

You have all three of these things working coming out of your mouth. The promises of God come out of your mouth. The word of the Lord that is creating life for us is constantly coming out of our mouth even as we are speaking it.

Your favor is absolutely intrinsic to your life. It is your breath. It is how you face life. It is how you think about life. It is how do you see life, how we speak about life. It all has to be connected with the favor of God. We actually become so immersed in favor that we become baptized in it. Even when  we shake somebody’s hand there is residue of favor. When we speak to someone what comes out of our mouth is a residue of the favor we decree.

Training in favor is really about connecting with your breakthrough.

Therefore it is important that you keep prophetic words, decorations, decrees anything that the Lord has said you must keep it in front of you so that you can say what the Lord says. It will impact your focus and empower you to activate manifestations of the promises of God.

So today I remind myself of the favor of God on my life. He is ever with me. He will never leave me or forsake me. He is on my side. The battle I am in is already my victory. I will decree it! I will proclaim it. Until I see it.

Adapted from the Graham Cooke Sermon “Training in Favor”

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