I Receive That!

I receive that!

When you say “I receive that,” what you are declaring is that you received that word and you are giving it permission to train the soil of your heart so that you can produce the fruit of what the word contained.

I hear people say this all the time when they hear a good word. But there is more to it than just “receiving a word.” The ground does not just receive a seed, once you plant the seed, it dies to its former state then OPENS UP TO REVEAL THE NEW. When you receive a truth, a part of you has to die to old belief systems that created your current circumstance. Then YOU MUST OPEN UP TO ACT ON THE NEW REALITY YOU DESIRE TO CREATE.

The seed of that word will then begin to train the soil of your heart on what wants to emerge out of your life. The seed carries the tree in its inner image and it has the capacity to train your heart to see the tree in the seed. Then it teaches or trains the SOIL (you) on what needs to be cultivated in the SOIL (you) so the tree can then take root, grow, thrive and eventually bear fruit.

The seed trains the soil. The SEED ACTS! It opens up! It exposes its insides to new possibility. It is activated by the water (WORD). The water or word activates you and incites you to open up. How will you act? How will you open up to reveal the awareness that you see the image of the tree–what action will you take to confirm that you see the image of the tree–inside the seed!

The seed trains the soil. The seed of the word trains the soil of your heart what needs to happen in order for that word to open up, come alive, take root, spring up, grow, thrive, and eventually bear fruit.

The first step to receiving is allowing the WORD to open you UP so you can see what is possible. Then the work of being trained to produce what you SEE begins.

WOAH that blessed me! Thank you HOLY SPIRIT!!! Gotta teach that soon! Glad I wrote it down!

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