Know Your Worth

First thought of the day…

Know your worth.

Once you know your value, then other people can decide if they are willing to pay the price of being with you. Sometimes they will. Sometimes they won’t. Sometimes you’ll be with people and other times you will be alone. Sometimes your life will be rich and full and exciting and joyful and other times it will be solemn and yes even lonely.

There will be days filled with bustle and laughter and there will be days that are silent and quiet. And that’s okay. Because the people around you will be the ones who truly want to be there. They will know you. They will want you. They will take pleasure in your presence and they will celebrate your being there.

They will be true to you. And you will know and experience that truth. Why? because truth and love are one. They work and flow together. truth is a person and love is the Father who gave Him. when relationships are authentic, truth is present. You will know the truth. It’s easy to move forward when your starting place is truth.

So know your worth.

Be true to you.

And others will to.

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