What is Wisdom Workbook PDF


What is Wisdom Workbook PDF

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What is wisdom? Where does it come from? How do you get it? How do you use it to change lives for the better? Most people lump all the elements of wisdom into a single understanding. They don’t realize that wisdom like most things in life has a framework.

Wisdom has levels. It has a subfloor built on data, information, and knowledge. It has an intermediate floor that includes relationship elements such as emotional intelligence. And it has an “earthly” component that connects with our human intuition. Finally, it has a spiritual component that connects with the mind of God.

All of these moving parts allow us to solve problems in the earth and position us for greater wealth, service, and influence. We are compensated in life according to the size of the problems we solve. Big problems need much wisdom. How do you access wisdom to increase your income and thereby increase influence for the kingdom of God?


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