You are not alone

We are all challenged with things that are difficult. Some tasks seem overwhelming, some responsibilities seem all consuming, some challenges seem insurmountable. We feel in capable. We feel as if we cannot do it. We feel as if we are in this thing by ourselves.

Those are all deceptions! You are not alone. There is grace to help you. Grace is gods empowering presents enabling you to be all that you were created to be, and to do everything he predestined you to do. You are a creative force in this earth who has access to the supernatural room which is filled with support and resources to help you.

Never forget that you have access to His power, you are invited to abide and make your home in God’s presence. Finally you are invited daily to access and utilize His divine ability. It works! The power presents and the ability of God works! And it will work in and for you. It is simply up to us to Use It.

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