Curse of Malachi (PDF)


For years, I had heard pastors preach the message that if we do not give tithes and offering, God will curse you. That idea was based on Malachi 3:8-9. But that mindset is not consistent with the nature, character, and Word of God.  Understanding this passage of scripture requires that we dig deeper below the surface meaning of the word ‘curse’ to discover the true nature, heart and motives of God. And that is the purpose of this book.

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Many people assumed that in Malachi 3:8-9 the curse was God’s anger towards us for our failure to give tithes and offerings. God does not curse his children. In these lessons, we learn that the curse of Malachi is about acquiring mindsets. A blessing or curse is the acquisition of a state of mind that comes through making choices. Choosing God opens our hearts and expands our ability to become more like God. We can see and think creatively as he does.



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